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How to Wear Converse High Tops - 6 Outfit Inspirations

How to wear Converse High Tops

One question we hear more than most from our customers is “How to should I wear Converse high tops?”

Of course, one of the fantastic things about shoes, and Converse's Chuck Taylor All Star style in particular, is that there’s no concrete answer to this question. They can be anything to a huge number of different people, emboldening a massive range of personal styles.

However, we can see why Chucks in particular can be a bit tricky to mentally fit into outfits when first starting out. After all, they’re not quite shoes, not quite trainers, nor boots; they’re casual, but can be dressed up if need be; they’re lace ups, but frequently worn unlaced (so much so that Converse have released a style which embodies this laceless tradition).

So here’s some of our favourite Converse high top looks, designed to give you a bit of inspiration:

First off, we’ll start with a classic; black Chucks, black leather jacket, and black jeans. Here, the Converse are worn outside of the jeans, but laced to the top to avoid the sides splaying out and keeping the lines neat, in keeping with the rest of the outfit.

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An example of how Cons can be dressed up a bit, here they provide a bit of alternative edginess to the feminine combination of a dress and black tights. Complementary colours work wonders, but appropriate contrasts can provide an equally eye-catching effect.

How to wear Converse High Tops

Here, some classic Converse white high tops - the original colour of the style - are paired with some classic street staples; rolled up jeans and a denim shirt - two other wardrobe essentials. Chucks are perhaps most readily associated with casual street wear, hence why they look so at home here!

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Here showing their versatility, the fact that All Stars can be laced right to the top means they can be discreetly worn within jeans as well as outside, depending on what style you’re going for. If you’re after an elegant simplicity, tucking the tops in can help keep lines simple and unencumbered.

How to wear Converse High Tops

A great example of how Converse high tops add a welcome dose of cool to whichever outfit you style them with. A simple black dress with an olive chunky knit cardigan is pictured above, some sunglasses and of course the black Converse high tops make a perfectly smart and comfortable look which could easily take you from day to night!

Finally, here’s a wonderful example of how high tops can be worn with bare legs. The idea may seem slightly unnatural in theory, but in practice it’s anything but!

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