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Vans Slip Ons: The Ultimate Comfort Shoes

When it comes to choosing footwear we enter a constant internal battle between comfort and style. It’s difficult to find a shoe that will keep our feet happy and comfortable all day, that can also take our outfit from day to night in a stylish fashion, but this is where CLOGGS’ range of Vans slip ons come in.

Vans Slip Ons

When Vans started as a brand, they took 12 orders on their first day. Nearly half a century later, that day is still probably the worst day’s trading Vans have ever had. Vans have grown into one of the most popular brands of casual footwear of all time, with their styles very rarely straying from the classic blueprint. Vans slip ons are one of the most classic styles of slip on shoe, with an indistinguishable finish and some gorgeous colours and styles.

They cater for men, women and kids too, and a pristine pair of vans slip ons can complete any casual outfit. The infamy of the brand and the cool colour schemes available mean vans slip ons wouldn’t be out of place in a more smart outfit either - rest assured whatever your fashion persona, you’re in safe hands with Vans slip ons. We’ve even got some smart leather Vans slip ons in stock, which are so chic and on trend you could rock them on a night out with ease!

Vans Slip Ons Lifestyle

The beauty of vans slip ons is all in the name - they slip on with no velcro, laces or zips and cushion your feet like slippers. As with all Vans shoes, they feature the famous waffle sole which is thick and rubbery, ensuring thorough protection against wear and tear - that means investing in a pair of vans slip ons is well worth your while!

We’ve got all of the most popular Vans styles in stock in a range of different colours, but when it comes to Vans slip ons, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from! Here are some of our favourites:

Cloggs Range of Vans Slip Ons

If you don’t own a pair of Vans slip ons, then do your feet a favour and add this staple item to your wardrobe. There’s a style to suit everyone and you really won’t regret it. Vans have been dominating the style stakes for nearly half a century, and they’re sure to last the test of time for years to come. Get your Vans slip ons from CLOGGS today.

Vans Slip Ons Image

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