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UGG Boot Style

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UGG Australia are without a doubt one of our most popular brands here at Cloggs. With a range of footwear which perfectly transitions from season to season, it's inevitable that no matter what time of year it is - you'll be lusting after a few pairs of UGG's latest range. We thought we'd put together a little style guide for you, giving you the low-down on some of their best styles of shoe. So let's get started shall we?


Ugg boots styles

Here at Cloggs, we’ve put together an unrivalled range of UGG Boots footwear to combine with our Free, Fast Delivery and Free Returns. Here’s a brief overview of just a few of the styles available:

Classic Short

The boot that first brought UGG Australia and UGG Boots into the public consciousness around ten years ago. This mid-length boot is now a fashion icon. Equally at home on the catwalk or curled up in front of the fire. We stock a massive range of Classic Short boots for women, men and kids and a huge range of colours, including the iconic chestnut and new favourites such as black leather.

Classic Mini

Never afraid to tinker with a winning formula, UGG took the colossally successful Classic Short and transplanted it into an ankle boot. The Mini has everything the Short has - premium Twinface sheepskin and a beautifully soft fleece lining - in just a slightly shorter package.

Classic Tall

As with the Classic Mini, the Classic Tall doesn’t need much explaining. The Tall’s reach up to around halfway between the ankle and knee, and provide just that little bit of extra snugness. Like the Short and Mini, we stock a great range of colours of Classic Tall boots.

Bailey Button

UGG Australia’s Bailey Button boot (also known as the Bailey Button Single) is largely similar to the Classic Short in size and construction, with one difference. On the outside of the boots, there’s an opening which can be fastened shut using the eponymous wooden button. We stock the Bailey Button in black, chestnut, chocolate and grey, as well as children’s sizes.

Bailey Button Triplet

The Bailey Button Triplet boot is to the Classic Tall what the Bailey Button boot is to the Classic Short. With such long, snug boots, it can be quite a challenge getting them on and off, so the three wooden buttons down the side of the boot can come in handy.

Other boots

UGG Boots make a terrific range of high quality footwear aside from their famous range of Classic boots, and at Cloggs we’ve got a great range of these alternative styles. Among our favourites are the Jo and the Bonham heeled ankle boots, and the on-trend Grandle biker boot.


Classic Mini Chesntut

UGG Boots Style Guide

UGG Boots have been one of the most popular - and polarising - trends in fashion since exploding onto the scene in the mid-2000s. Despite many commentators relentlessly predicting the impending doom of the sheepskin boot, they’re still around and show no signs of slowing down. So what has enabled UGG Boots to cast off the naysayers and continue as a staple of modern fashion in all walks of life? Simply put, there’s two main reasons.

The first is comfort. It’s extremely rare that a shoe is deemed fashionable that doesn’t leave you pining for a long bath to rest your weary feet afterwards. While UGG Boots has been maligned by some fashion circles, there’s no denying that its comfort has been a major reason for the style’s longevity, as celebrities have adopted them for long walks down shopping streets and film stars use them on set between takes.

The second reason is their versatility. Initially conceived as exclusively slipper boots intended for lazy days at home (which is still their primary use in their homeland of Australia), UGG Boots quickly outgrew its intended use after becoming a worldwide fashion hit, so much so that UGG have since introduced a specialised line of slippers.

Authentic UGG Boots are designed to be both warm and insulating but with enough room around the leg and ankle to tuck some jeans or other trousers inside, which opens them up to a huge range of outfits. UGG boots with jeans are one of the most popular styles for outdoors, and work in any season - although do remember that UGGs are susceptible to damage, particularly in the cold and wet of winter, so give our UGG boot care guide a read.

UGGs work with everything from dresses to pyjamas, but one thing to consider when buying your UGGs is what style to go for. While the iconic Classic boot is the go-to for many, it’s worth noting that there’s been plenty of twists on the formula that can mean the difference between making or breaking an outfit or look.

In addition to the Classics, there are Short and Tall variations that do exactly what they say on the tin. We’ve also got Bailey Button and Bailey Button Triplets, which take a design similar to the Classics but with a split down the side fastened by a button. These variations may appear to be fairly minimal, but if you’ve got a particular style that the rest of your wardrobe adheres to then a couple of buttons can make all the difference.


UGG Australia Lifestyle

UGG Boots Size Guide

As with all shoes available at Cloggs, UGG Boots are eligible for our free returns policy, so if you aren’t completely satisfied with the fit, you can return them hassle free. However, with this guide, that won’t need to happen.

With UGG’s newer range of ankle boots and other styles, it’s best to stick to the size you most commonly find fits with other brands.

With their classic, sheepskin designs however, it’s usually best to consider a size down, or at least go to the lower full size if you tend to fit half sizes. This is because UGG boots are naturally very snug due to their sheepskin lining, which tends to mold itself to the wearer’s foot. UGG Boots have factored this in to their calculations when it comes to sizings, so their boots to tend to run on the large side.

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