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Ugg Australia Materials

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UGG Australia are famed for their use of only the best quality materials in their wonderful range of boots and accessories. On this page, you’ll find all the information about exactly what goes into their products.


The defining material of their key styles, UGG’s luxurious Grade-A twinface sheepskin has adorned millions of feet around the globe.

Every piece of sheepskin that they use is subjected to a series of rigorous tests, looking for a flawless texture and the requisite thickness across the entire piece for the boot to remain stood up.

All sheepskin used in UGG’s boots is completely ethically sourced, and comes as by-product of the meat industry, meaning that no sheep are raised exclusively for their pelts.

Sheepskin is one of those miraculous natural materials that is a result of thousands of years of genetic refinement. The thick fleece insides of Ugg Boots are incredibly snug and extremely breathable as a result of sheepskin’s natural thermostatic properties. This means that no matter what the temperature outside, your feet will be the perfect temperature.


Newly launched in 2015, Treadlite by UGG™ is a revolutionary new outsole material found on UGG’s most recent lines. Utilising R-MAT technology, Treadlite by UGG™ offers a super lightweight, highly durable and wonderfully flexible footbed for your foot to rest upon.


Often part of UGG’s twinface sheepskin, UGGpure™ is UGG’s name for the natural wool that they weave onto a backing which provides the luxurious inner-lining for many of their boots.

UGGpure™ uses 100% real wool, so there’s no need to worry about prickly synthetic fibres, and the fact it has been backed with an extra layer of material means it’s completely even, creating the perfect cushion for your foot.

UGGpure™ adheres to the same environmentally friendly and sustainable standards as the rest of UGG’s sheepskin products.

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