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The Top 10 Girls School Shoes

Last week we brought you the Top 10 Boys School Shoes - the 10 school shoes for boys which are really standing out this season and proving incredibly popular. We decided it was about time we flipped this on its head and showed you our outstanding range of girls school shoes - the Top 10 in particular! We’ve rounded up the most popular styles of the season so far for you to have a little look at, and we’ll give you all the information you need about each of them! So without any further ado, and most definitely not in any particular order, here are the top 10 school shoes for girls this season.

The Kickers ‘Adlar Flower’ is everything you’d want from a school shoe and that little bit extra too. Sturdy and comfortable with a thick chunky sole and a cute and girly leather flower petal trim; these shoes combine style and practicality in the most adorable way! With a patent leather strap and buckle for added comfort, rest assured these Kickers school shoes are a sure win this season - and starting from just £39.99 too!

The ‘Tully’ is a simply adorable offering from Dr Martens this season. This gorgeous school shoe features the thick and sturdy sole you’d expect from a pair of Docs, with a gorgeous and feminine curved toe upper with a cute velcro strap for comfort and size. Available in either a standard black or patent black leather, the ‘Tully’ is a gorgeous school shoe built to last. Both options are available for under £40, which when you consider the durability and style of the product, is a fantastic deal indeed!

The ‘Kick T Brogue’ might be Kickers’ most adorable school shoes this season! The gorgeous t-bar style is very fashionable and flattering, but also doubly sturdy and comfortable too. The buckle function adds the element of perfect sizing every time too. Available in a gorgeous and shiny patent leather or a sleek and cool black leather, and with a variety of decoration variations including bold punched details for example, there is always a Kickers Kick T school shoe to match your personal taste. Prices start from just £39.99 for these gorgeous girls school shoes.

These gorgeous leather moccasins will ensure your little girl is the most stylish kid in class this season! We absolutely adore the gorgeous tassel loafer style of these Geox ‘Agata’ shoes, and the subtle stud details really add to what is a truly beautiful design. As well as being lovely to look at, these shoes are impeccably made. As with all Geox shoes, they feature a technology in the insole that minimises odour and maximises comfort, providing a breathability and moulding to your foot. They also have a thick rubber sole which is essential when looking for school shoes that will last. This incredible range starts from £49.99 - which is a true bargain for such a stunning pair of shoes!

One for the slightly older school girls, the ‘Kensington Aila’ by Dr Martens is such a perfectly crafted shoe we simply couldn’t leave it off this list! Though it’s only available in women’s sizes, those girls with the right sized feet will be simply delighted when they snap up these babies. The incredible laser cut detail on these brogues adds a stunning finish, truly unique to this brand. We adore the chunky rugged sole too - these shoes are so beautiful it’ll be incredibly difficult to leave them just for work. The price point is a little higher at £125, but rest assured you’ll receive an impeccably-made and truly unique school shoe which will retain its beauty for years to come.

The Kickers - Kick Lo is one of Kickers’ most famed school shoe styles and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We like the original Kick Lo because of its androgynous style, meaning it wouldn’t look out of place on little boys or girls - but it’s exceptionally cool, comfortable and long-lasting too.The chunky, ridged sole provides added comfort and bounce, plus the reassurance that these shoes will last the whole school year! The Kick lo range contains a t-bar brogue style, a velcro style and a variety of lace-ups. It starts from just £34.99.

As with all Geox shoes, the ‘Shadow’ is a beautifully crafted shoe - which is just one of the reasons it truly is the perfect school shoe for girls. The gorgeous velcro strap ensures a perfect fit, and the adorable flower decoration is super cute too! Available in a shiny patent leather or a smooth black leather, the ‘Shadow’ is undoubtedly one of Geox’s most adorable offerings this Back to School season. £39.99.

Perhaps the most cheeky item in this top 10 list - it’s safe to say that for many these Supergas won’t pass as school shoes. However, if you’re attending college, university or even more lenient sixth forms you might be able to get away with these incredibly comfortable shoes. The 2750 Cotu in Black is versatile, comfy and incredibly cool. The thick rubber sole is durable andthese will double up perfectly outfit school hours! At £44.99 you’re getting quality footwear that looks stylish and keeps your feet happy, what more could you want?

The Dr Martens 1461 is a classic brogue-style shoe and one of Doc’s signature styles. The smooth leather upper is shiny and soft; the perfect contrast to the thick, rubber sole which is incredibly durable. Dr Martens are renowned for their quality products - and these beautiful brogues will be perfect for wear both in and out of school! The range starts from £79.99, but these shoes will last for years to come, so it really is an investment.

Yep - it’s another Kickers school shoe nabbing the last spot in our top 10, however, Kickers are the kings of school shoes, so it’s not really a surprise - especially when you clap your eyes on these gorgeous Kick Hi’s! The shiny patent finish makes them cool and contemporary, and these ankle boots look gorgeous with either tights, socks or trousers! We love the cool chunky sole and the famous green Kickers logo. The range starts from a mere £45 - which is a fantastic price point for a girl’s school shoe!

You’ve seen our selection of our favourite school shoes this season - but rest assured this is only a sample of our huge range! Click here to browse it and make sure you tell us what you’ve bought.

Which is your favourite school shoe? What shoes did you wear to school when you were little? We’d love to hear from you!

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