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The Top 10 Boys School Shoes

Back to School season is officially in full swing for those organised parents who want to make sure school shoes and school bags are bought well in advance to beat the rush! If the incredible entry rate for our Back to School Competition is anything to go by, many of you are taking the ‘beat the rush’ approach to Back to School season and stocking up now. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you the ‘Top 10 Boys School Shoes’ this season, to help you make your decision when it comes to the school shoes for boys. So let’s get started for we? In no particular, here are the 10 most popular styles of boys school shoes at the moment.

The ‘Reasan’ is one of the key Kickers styles in their Back to School range. Sturdy, black and available in both velcro and lace-up versions, the Reason is simply dominating this season. A sleek black leather with a chunky rubber sole, these shoes are just perfect for school or college - they’re durable and fashionable too, and will last the whole season long. Each model is less than £50 too - so a real bargain investment for the school year.

The ‘Colby’ is really everything you want from a school shoe; sturdy, smart and durable. The gorgeous three eyelet style is equally as fashionable for both boys and girls, and as with all Dr Martens products you get a cool brand name to match your cool new school shoes! The Colby is priced at just under £40, which, when you consider the quality attached to the Dr Martens brand, is a fantastic bargain indeed.

The ‘William’ by Geox is an exceptional school shoe for boys. With a thick velcro strap and a durable rubber sole, this gorgeous black shoe is impeccably stylish. Not only this, but as with all Geox shoes, the footbed is cushioned for comfort and contains an anti-odour treatment to protect the freshness of the footwear. This ensures a durable and quality product that will retain its quality for an impressive amount of time. Each model is less than £50 too - for that technology, you really can’t go wrong!

Kickers are often known as the Back to School brand, and the Kick Lo is undoubtedly one of their most popular styles. In a classic Back to School look, the glossy black shoe comes in both a lace-up and velcro style so your little one can choose based on their preference. Whether they opt for laces or velcro, rest assured the Kick Lo is a durable and sturdy shoe perfect for small feet on the go! All Kick Lo’s are priced under £45, which is very reasonable indeed.

The least traditional school shoes of this top 10, the Converse Ox Black Mono might not be a winner for some. Some schools are a lot stricter with what classes as a ‘school shoe’, but for those where the uniform standards are a little more lenient, the Black Mono is just perfect. Comfortable, cool and easy to wear - these thick, rubber-soled Converse will go down a treat and keep little feet happy for hours on end! These cool shoes double up for wear outside school hours too - which is always a bonus. At just £29.99, these Converse are easily affordable and easily replaceable too!

The ‘Federico’ by Geox is another iconic Geox style that is simply perfect as a school shoe. The slip on style pictured above is just one type of ‘Federico’ - which also comes in a lace-up and velcro version for different ages. Sophisticated and stylish, with the Geox technology to keep your feet cool and odour-free, the ‘Federico’ is a practical choice of school shoe, as well as a fashion-forward one. Each model is less than £55, and when you consider the technology, the smooth black leather and the inevitable durability that comes with all Geox shoes - it’s a well worthy investment.

The Hush Puppies ‘Outlaw’ are another classic school shoe which are perfect for the entire year. Sturdy with a thick chunky sole, these smooth leather shoes are smart and comfortable too - a win for both child and parent! We like the lace-up style and the sophisticated finish of these shoes, and think they’re perfectly smart but practical for running around too. At £64.99 they’re pushing a slightly higher price point, but as with all Hush Puppies - you know exactly what you’re getting, and that is a quality, durable product.

Cool, stylish and practical - those are three words everyone wants to hear when it comes to school shoes, but so rarely is it a shoe hits all three! The ‘Sammy’ by famous footwear brand Dr Martens is a rare product which encompasses the style attached to the brand’s legacy and the practicality every mum desires from school shoes. The chunky sole is durable and sturdy and the cool upper with velcro and the Dr Martens logo will make sure your little one is the envy of the whole school! £39.99 for a shoe you know will last all year round - you can’t argue with that!

‘Seasan’ like the ‘Reasan’ is another beloved Kickers Back to School style which is incredibly popular - this year in particular. The Kickers brand is almost unanimous with Back to School season - and this sturdy school shoe contains all the properties you’d want from a shoe that will last all year. Less than £55 for a chunky and sporty, cool and comfortable shoe with durable properties and an exceptionally cool brand name - we think that’s a bargain.

The most sophisticated perhaps of our school shoes for boys selection, the Agata is really a sight to behold. These beautiful penny loafer style shoes have a leather upper with gorgeous punched detail and a small heel for a classic finish. These will double up as shoes for any smart occasion - as well as ensuring your boy is the most fashionable in his class. The price is £54.99, but these beautiful shoes are long-lasting, contain the impeccable Geox odour and sweat control technology and will be extremely versatile for a variety of events. An all-rounder at a fabulous price.

And there’s our very brief selection of the top 10 boys school shoes this season - though there’s tons of gorgeous school shoes for plenty of different styles. To view our full range of boys school shoes click here, and keep your eyes peeled for our pick of the girls shoes collection coming soon!

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