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TOMS - One Day Without Shoes

TOMS One Day Without Shoes

It’s TOMS’ ninth birthday, and few brands in the history of fashion can boast the same level of impact before their first decade was out as TOMS can. Not only has their Classic espadrille graced the feet of millions since the brand’s launch in 2006, but they have done immeasurable acts of charity in a range of different fields for disadvantaged families.

The brand was founded on the One for OneⓇ principle, whereby every pair of their shoes sold resulted in another pair being donated to a child in need, helping to promote health and education by enabling children to walk to school more easily. As the brand has grown, so have their charitable endeavours. Their range of eyewear was introduced four years ago, with sales automatically triggering donations aimed at providing restorative surgery and prescription glasses to those in need in developing countries. TOMS bags, which we proudly stock, generate proceeds that go toward enabling women to give birth safely, through the training of skilled attendants and the provision of clean, hygenic facilities. For every bag of their TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee sold, the company provides a weeks worth of clean water to a person in need.

So far, the company has donated 100,000 weeks worth of water, helped to restore the sight of more than 300,000 people, and given over 38 million pairs of shoes to children in need. However, they’re still not content to rest on their laurels, which is why they have made their birthday “One Day Without Shoes” for the past eight years.

This year is extra special. TOMS have announced that they will donate a pair of shoes for every photo that is shared on Instagram with the hashtag #withoutshoes, with the aim of donating an additional one million pairs of shoes.

You’ve only got until tonight to get involved, so don’t delay and be a part of this incredible cause. You can see the latest photos tagged with #withoutshoes by clicking here.

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