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The Ultimate Spring/Summer 2015 Footwear Trends Guide

The ultimate Spring/Summer 2015 footwear trends guide

Spring/Summer 2015 is upon us, and we’re at that point in the year that everyone relishes and dreads in equal measure; the seasonal change over.

That’s right, it’s time to cast off the coats, wave goodbye to the wellies, banish the brollies and embrace a brighter, warmer wardrobe. We know it can be a bit overwhelming getting to grips with two whole season’s worth of new styles and trends, which is why we’ve put together this guide to tell you absolutely everything you need to know about what styles are hot, how to mix and match, and how to put together a versatile, on-trend wardrobe on a budget.

We’ve already put together a trends lookbook to complement this guide here.


Natural looks

Natural look shoes

Spring/Summer 2015 looks to be quite a polarising time as far as styles go, with clearly drawn battle lines between the two biggest trends. On one side is the synthetic, deliberately artificial look achieved through sportswear, patent leather and monochrome colours. On the other is the au naturale look, using materials like canvas, more natural silhouettes and less dichotomous colour palettes.

Style pictured are Keds.


Sportswear trainers

Traditionally the exclusive domain of running and gyming fanatics, sportswear is currently experiencing high street popularity like never before. The growing adoption of the style means that you don’t need to worry about putting on a full tracksuit every time you wear your trainers - they go just as well with leggings or even jeans.

Style pictured are Skechers.

Sports Luxe

Sports Luxe trainers

A combination of the sportswear trend and casual wear, Sports Luxe tends to ape some of the traits of trainers - such as chunky soles and leather uppers - but generally steers clear of the more outlandish explosions of colour and design features found on pure sport trainers, making them slightly more versatile.

Style pictured are Ash, and you can see the rest of our leather trainers here.

Ornate flats

Ornate Flats

Of course, flats are absolutely a style for all seasons, but Spring/Summer 2015 looks set to be resplendent with ornate incarnations of the classic design. By that we mean flats - in both shoe and sandal form - that feature a little something extra, be it an unusual colour combination or some stylistic embellishments. Strappy sandals with adjustable ankle cuffs are particularly in vogue.

Brand pictured is TOMS.


Flatform shoes

Flatforms - the fancy name for flats with a platform - are definitely in, thanks in part to the sports luxe trend, with which there is a lot of crossover. Flatform trainers are the most on trend style of flatforms at the moment, with their added chunkiness lending them to plenty of other trends on this list.

The brand pictured above are Ash, and you can browse our range of flatforms here.



Espadrilles (or “alpargatas”) have been around for centuries in Spain, worn traditionally in the summer thanks to their light, breathable design. Their worldwide success has been relatively recent, but it’s showing no sign of slowing up, with brands like TOMS rapidly expanding. They also offer a natural twist on the old Spring/Summer classic, the boat shoe, thanks to their jute rope soles and soft canvas uppers.

The style above is TOMS, and you can shop our espadrilles range here.

Slip-on trainers

Slip on trainers

While minimalism isn’t set to reach the same omnipresent heights that it did in 2014, there’s still an awful lot to be said for simple, uncluttered designs. Slip-on trainers provide that in spades, thanks to their tendency to do away with laces and present a simple, unencumbered silhouette that works with all sorts of outfits.

The pictured style are Vans, and you can check out our range of slip-on trainers here.



Two-tones and multicolours

Aside from blacks and whites, block colours this Spring/Summer look to be less in favour than multicoloured patterns and distinctive two-tones. However, it’s worth noting that while the monochrome trend is waning somewhat, simplicity is still very much in, so it’s best to aim for complementary colours or classic contrasts that can be worked into a range of other colour palettes.

Reds and yellows

Yellows and reds may scream autumnal when worn together, but separately, they beautifully encapsulate the restorative effects of Spring and the vibrant passion of Summer. Try red or yellow shoes combined with a monochrome outfit (see the next trend) to really draw attention to them.


While you can be forgiven for wanting to break out the colours in celebration after the darkness of winter, there’s no getting away from the fact that monochrome is still very much on trend. Whether you go for the single block colour (one for the more sartorially daring out there) or a mix of blacks and whites, you won’t go far wrong this season with monochrome.

Browse our range of black trainers here, white trainers here, and black and white trainers here!




Just like with colours, shoes with two different materials making up the upper (traditionally known as “spectator shoes” or “co-respondent shoes”) are an up and coming trend, and look likely to feature heavily in Autumn/Winter 2015 styles. This can incompass everything from subtly different grains of leather to completely different materials. While it’s most commonly seen in brogues and loafers (and therefore will be bigger later on in the year), there’ll still be early examples of it this season. Leather and suede combination brogues look to be particularly popular.


As per usual, the transition from Winter to Spring means leathers are making way for lighter, more breathable fabrics. Canvas is always a winner, however it’s also worth noting that with the trends for sportswear, meshes and breathable membranes like GORE-TEX will also see an upturn in casual use.


Destined to be one of the biggest trends through to summer, metallics can range from the understated (muted golds and bronzes) to the dazzling. Silver looks set to be the biggest colour, so if you buy just one pair of metallic shoes, go for that.

We’ve written an entire guide on metallics which you can find here, and you can browse our range here.

Creating your wardrobe

We appreciate that so much information can be overwhelming - for your purse as well as your wardrobe - so here’s some steadfast rules you can follow:

Don’t compromise your personal style

Identifying new trends is all well and good, but there’s no point in just blindly following them. If you tend to go for a grungey look with ripped baggy jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt, you might want to consider where espadrilles will fit into your personal style. We’ve aimed to tailor this guide to ensure that no matter who you are, there’s at least one trend that will appeal to you.

Avoid splurging

As tempting as it can be, it’s never a brilliant idea to go out and buy fifty items of clothing at once. “Little and often” is a much more cohesive and generally successful way of building a versatile, timeless wardrobe. Once again, we’ve aimed to mitigate this issue by outlining styles that won’t look outdated in six months and will work with a range of outfits.

Not sure about a style? Keep it neutral

In the above guide, we’ve aimed to keep our stylistic advice fairly neutral while still sticking to upcoming trends, so you’re not going to end up looking like as fashionably out of touch as a Dirty Dancing extra come Autumn. If you’re unsure about a particular style, the best advice we can offer is stick to a neutral iteration or colour that will keep it nice and versatile.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

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