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Skechers technology

Skechers technology

Skechers are one of the world’s foremost performance trainer specialists. Unlike competitors such as Nike and Adidas who have made their names off the back of supplying footwear for sports, Skechers are best known for producing ranges specifically with normal people looking to get fit in mind.

As such, their range of trainers are technologically optimised for the everyday fitness fan rather than less common ground surfaces or leg movements. This means that Skechers’ trainers will help you reach your potential than many other brands which design their styles for specific sports.

We stock a complete and exciting range of Skechers’ trainers, but there are a few stand-out styles which contain impeccable technology for performance and comfort. The Flex Appeal and the Go Walk are some of the styles which feature some of these incredible technologies. The Flex Appeal is intended for both running and use in active environments such as the gym, while the Go Walk is designed to give those who spend a lot of time on their feet maximum comfort. This post will set out exactly what goes into making these shoes perfect for your feet.

Flex Appeal

Skechers Flex Appeal Technology

The upper of the Flex Appeal comprises of multiple different materials in order to keep the shoe as light as possible while still remaining durable and exercise-friendly.

Nubuck leather is used to keep the shoe tough and protect the layer of breathable mesh which helps to regulate the foot’s temperature and avoid it becoming too sweaty.

Flat laces are used to help avoid them snagging on anything, and fabric eyelets allow for maximum adjustability, so no matter how you like your shoes to fit depending on what activity you’re doing, you won’t have any problems.

The real genius of the Flex Appeal, however, is located in the outsole, midsole and insole. The outsole features an unusual panelled lug pattern designed specifically to flex in a manner conducive to a natural running motion, as well as offering good grip. The midsole is also flexible, while offering superb shock-absorption to help keep protect the joints.

The insole features a revolutionary idea. Memory foam, typically associated with luxury mattresses, has been used in the insole, meaning they gradually mold themselves to the wearer’s foot, offering an ergonomic fit virtually impossible to achieve with “one size fits all” insoles.

Go Walk

Skechers Go Walk Technology

Designed with athletic walking in mind but also excellent for general day to day activity, the Go Walk offers the wearer unbeatable comfort and padding without denying them the sensation of complete control.

Virtually the entire upper of the Go Walk is constructed from a mesh fabric, meaning they’re extremely breathable. It also means that the foot is highly padded. Unlike the Flex Appeal’s memory foam insole, however, this padding aims to provide the wearer with responsive feedback.

As with the Flex Appeal, the outsole is slightly curved at the toe and heel to complement the natural walking motion. The outsole features multiple circular portions, design to offer grip no matter what angle the foot is at.

The Go Walk comes in 3 tiers - the traditional Go Walk, the Go Walk 2 and the Go Walk 3. Each has the incredible Skechers technology cleverly crafted within the design of the shoe - but each model has a sleeker and more refined design than the last. The Go Walk 3, Skechers' latest offering of Go Walks, is proving to be one of our most popular styles of shoe thanks to its impeccable design and that flawless Skechers technology.

Memory Foam

Skechers Memory Foam Technology

The Skechers Memory Foam range is more about the technology, than a specific design. In fact, many of Skechers' classic styles has this incredible memory foam insole - which is probably why they might just be the comfiest trainers around!

The cushioned fit comfort insole is made from memory foam technology, that can be found in mattresses and mattress toppers. With the same comfort properties, the Skechers memory foam insole moulds to the shape of your fit, designed to hug the contours of your feet and provide the perfect fit to each individual foot - which we think you'll agree is pretty impressive.

Both the Go Walks and the Flex Appeal have the Skechers memory foam technology, but it's so special we thought we'd give it a special mention on its own.

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