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Why Metallics will be the must-have trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion from the one of the most culturally maligned eras ever, the 1980s, is coming back in a big way. Street style has been slowly incorporating many aspects of ‘80s style, such as sports wear and, in 2014, ever more adventurous neon. In 2015, the '80s will rise again in the form of mainstream trends.

However, in fashion, nothing lasts forever. The current cycle of the ‘80s revival bears all the hallmarks of an archetypal trend; a gradually accelerating groundswell of support, eventually culminating in a huge - but normally relatively brief - period of widespread adoption, before slinking off back into obscurity.

Devo metallic

New Wave band Devo in all their metallic '80s glory

That isn’t quite the case when it comes to metallics - which tend to enjoy relatively evergreen popularity, unlike shoulder pads and the like - but due to their indelible ties to the 1980s, when the decade reaches its nadir of 21st century popularity in the coming months, so will metallics.

But how best to wear them?

They may be coming back in a big way, but they’re still ripe for a faux pas. Shoes are one of the least dangerous items of clothing to dabble with, as they’re generally going to take up less real estate than a top or trousers. This means you can afford to be much more adventurous when it comes to colour choices and styles.

Colours tend to be a choice between muted standards - silver, gold, and bronze - and brighter, more eye-catching colours. With the former, they can go with almost anything (particularly silver, arguably the biggest colour of the up-coming season), while the latter must be deployed more tactically, either complementing the rest of the outfit’s colours or offering a contrasting counter-balance. Metallic material will emphasise the colour, so make sure that your contrast game is absolutely on-point before stepping out.

Finish also plays into this aspect when it comes to choosing your metallics. Natural leather or material metallics tend to be easier to play down; with sequins or a plastic-coated leather, there’s nowhere to hide. Neither is wrong or right for everyone - it entirely depends on which end of the understated to extravagant spectrum the rest of your wardrobe leans toward.

It’s in the range of styles that metallics will really come into their own. Metallic pumps and other heels have never really gone away, due to the fact that they tend to be worn with outfits that demand a bit of extra glitz.

Sarah Jessica Parker  Michelle Keegan  Katy Perry

However, it’s with trainers and other more traditionally casual styles that the metallics trend really comes into its own. As well as adding some excitement to relatively plain styles, it enables you to really dress trainers up as well. Brands like Converse have become an acceptable accompaniment to a range of formal outfits in recent times, but metallic shoes offer a bridge for those who feel that that gap is one that’s just a bit too wide for their personal tastes.

We’ll let our buying team have the final word on the metallic trend: “No matter if you’re going for heels or trainers, the key to pulling of metallic shoes is being bold, brave, and not afraid to try new combinations.”

Images courtesy of CVL Nation, Daily Mail, Glamour, and Cool Spotters.

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