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Reddit's Male Fashion Advice 2014 shoe celebration

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet, and the “subreddit” known as Male Fashion Advice (MFA) is one of its most active areas, boasting almost half a million subscribers with a passion for fashion.

One of the most popular regular features is their “What shoes are you wearing today?” threads, which routinely receive hundreds of comments from sartorialists desperate to show off their latest footwear.

The “Best of 2014” round-up has been released recently, and we’re delighted to say that several of our big name brands are extremely well represented. You can access the album in it’s entirety at the above link, but we’ve picked out the Cloggs-related picks for your viewing delectation!

Dr Martens

A timeless classic in every sense of the phrase, part of Doc’s longevity comes down to their versatility. Gender, age, and overall style all hold no barriers - Dr Martens’ classic 1460s transcend them all.

The Northampton-based footwear received the nod of approval from MFA twice, both in the classic black leather with yellow stitch detailing combination (available in both men and women’s sizes) and a pair of bright yellow patent Drench versions of the classic 1460 boots.



Converse need no introduction, but we’ll give them one anyway. Like Docs, Converse are absolutely timeless, as evidenced by the fact that they’re a worldwide name with a pair sold every 43 seconds, despite the vast majority of their styles being riffs off the same Chuck Taylor All Star formula which launched in 1917.

The styles feature an all white pair of Converse’s collaboration range with Nigel Cabourn, similar to these monochrome white leather versions, the second are classic high top Chucks in white (also available for women), while the final pair are suede versions of these black monochrome Ox trainers.



Vans make a huge six appearances in the rundown, with both colourful collaborative styles (including a fantastic pair covered in cats!) and classic white Authentics. As with the other three brands on the list, Vans found a winning formula early on, and have left it largely unchanged since, which just goes to show that if you’re after shoes that will stand the test of time, classic is the way to go.




Red Wing

Much of Red Wing’s recent success and exposure has been predicated by their omnipresence on the front page of MFA. Similarly to Docs, Red Wings are favoured due to their versatility, simple, understated charm, and their fantastic longevity and endurance.

The styles featured here are a collaborative pair with J Crew, 8138 Inch Moc Toe boots, and the iconic 875 Heritage boot.


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