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Loake Chester brogue - Cloggs Hall of Fame

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One of the cornerstone designs of the highly prestigious Loake 1880 range, the Chester is sartorial elegance personified. Boasting all the classic elements of a Derby brogue combined with Loake’s venerable reputation for superb, handmade British craftsmanship, the Chester has everything to make it a true staple of any man’s wardrobe.


The Loake Chester looks every inch the product of a company that is nearing its 150th birthday, offering classic design elements handmade using the best contemporary shoemaking techniques. Loake opened their doors in 1880, and unsurprisingly were based in Northamptonshire, at the time (and as it remains today) the hotbed of the English shoemaking industry.

Loake’s story is one of heritage and tradition; their shoes are still handmade in the same factory that the company occupied in 1894, and unlike many brands that have succumbed to the temptation of chasing trends and fads, Loake have stayed true to what generations of the eponymous Loake family know and love; making classic, timeless formal dress shoe designs.

The company have produced more than 50 million pairs of shoes in their long, storied history, a phenomenal level of demand driven primarily for the brand’s reputation for quality and Goodyear welting, a technique which we’ll explore further in the anatomy section below and you can read more about in our footwear glossary.

The Chester is one of the brand’s most popular styles and is also one which pays considerable deference to the history of the company, as denoted by its inclusion in the company’s 1880 range.


Loake Chester anatomy
Loake Chester sole

1. Traditional leather sole, made using premium quality leather that has been proven to stand up fantastically well to wear. The sole is Goodyear welted to the upper to help improve water tightness and enable easier resoling in the future.

Loake Chester broguing

2. The medallion toe, wingtip toe cap and simple yet eye-catching broguing detailing across the upper lends the Chester considerable personality and makes it perfect for the gentleman who wishes to project a confidence through his outfit.

Loake Chester heel

3. Leather-built stacked heel. As with the rest of the sole, this heel has been designed with comfort and durability in mind.

Loake Chester calf leather

4. The gorgeous tan colour of the calf leather upper is achieved through a meticulous process of hand burnishing to ensure a consistent patina which darkens toward the toe and heel for a classic effect.

Loake Chester lining

5. Both the lining and the insole of the Chester are also made from leather to offer the wearer levels of luxurious comfort rarely found in footwear.

Loake Chester Derby

5. The open laced construction makes the Chester a Derby brogue, a moderately formal style which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Style guide

As we mentioned in the above anatomy section, the Loake is a Derby, which puts in the middle of the spectrum as far as the formality of dress shoes is concerned (if you’re unsure about which style of formal shoe would suit you best, why not consult our infographic?).

This style combined with the tan colour and the wingtip toe cap make these highly versatile brogues, easily dressing up a casual cotton shirt and chino combination or adding some personality to a blue or grey suit - match the colour of the Chester to your belt for maximum effectiveness.

Buying your Loake Chester brogues with Cloggs

We stock the Loake Chester in three colours, as well as various other best-selling styles from the brand that you can view here.

Loake Chester Tan burnished calf Loake Chester Mahogany burnished calf Loake Chester Black calf

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