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Kickers Style

Kickers Style Guide

The Kickers brand has been around for decades, and in that time their product lines have rarely strayed from their winning formula of trademark design and hard-wearing durability.

Some have gone on to cement their place in both mainstream and alternative culture. The Kick Hi, for example, has been worn on stage and in music videos by rock and roll and hip hop royalty.

Versatile enough to be worn with a suit in a formal setting, or teamed with a pair of jeans for that rocker vibe, the Kickers style is still as prominent today as it’s ever been.

Kick Hi

Kickers Kick Hi

The Kick Hi is the jewel in the Kickers crown. It was amongst their first designs back in the 1970s, and it has enjoyed such enduring appeal that it is still a huge seller worldwide to this day.

This hi-top boot shares similar design characteristics as the traditional shoe: a sturdy leather upper, a cushion foam insole offering the ultimate in luxury fit and feel, and the trademark Kickers tag for added authenticity and street cred.

The mens line is available in black, brown and red, and for the ladies there are a few nice design tweaks to enjoy – such as the wedge-heeled Kopi. There’s even a kids range, so your little ones can look and feel good in the playground too.

The preferred shoe of choice for the likes of Elton John, Roger Daltrey and Noel Gallagher, you know you’re in good company if you’re wearing Kickers’ Kick Hi.

Kick Lo

Kickers Kick Lo

Of course, if the high ankle of the Kick Hi isn’t to your tastes then you can always treat your feet to a pair of Kick Lo. This design offers exactly the same timeless aesthetics and wearability as its high top sibling, just in a traditional silhouette.

To really make your mark, why not check out the Kick Lo Brogue in Dark Red. This is a guaranteed showstopper!

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