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Kickers History

Kickers history

In 1970 a young man by the name of Daniel Raufast was walking in his French hometown when he came across a poster advertising a showing of Hair, the musical. Daniel was mesmerised by the jean-wearing, bare-footed youngsters in the artwork, and he went home to work on a footwear concept that could add a touch of style to this new denim-loving generation.

He got in touch with Jacques Chevallereau, an up-and-coming designer, and together they developed a jean boot, which was tailor-made to be worn with jeans and appeal to the casual consumer and also the smarter end of the market. After commissioning 300 pairs – which sold out almost instantly – the pair ramped up production to 12,000 pairs per month.

This is the genesis of the brand we now know and love as Kickers.

During the 1980s the brand started to ship internationally to more than 70 countries; with mainland Europe and the UK adopting the brand and their Kick Hi style as their own.

There was a particular trend amongst schoolchildren in England, for whom Kickers became something of a status symbol – it was all about that flower-shaped tag, which was a collectible. This phenomenon had a renaissance in the 1990s too.

The brand became so widely recognised that it wasn’t long before it slipped seamlessly into mainstream and alternative culture alike. The music industry in particular took Kickers to its heart, and the 1975 release of the Kick Hi was greeted in positive fashion by the likes of Elton John, David Bowie and Roger Daltrey of The Who.

More recently, acts as diverse as Rodney P, Miss Dynamite, Noel Gallagher and the Arctic Monkeys were photographed in a product line. The timeless brand was introduced to many of these acts through its appearance the Stone Roses video for Fools Gold.

Kickers is a brand that is still going strong in the present day too, and here at Cloggs we’re delighted to offer a vast array of products from their latest lines.

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