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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star trainers - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


A style that really needs no introduction (so forgive us for giving it one!), few shoes have been on the journey that the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has. Suffice to say, it has been responsible for the continued success of one of the world’s most iconic brands, in fashion or otherwise. “Chucks” have adorned the feet of major celebs, basketball stars, countercultural icons, and of course, millions of everyday people, every single day!


The history of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is also the story of Converse as a brand. The All Star was the company’s first major style, and it has remained virtually unchanged since it first debuted in 1917, save for the addition of the famous Chuck Taylor signature ankle patch in the 1920s and the explosion of new colours available starting in the early ‘70s.

Converse originally marketed the shoe - which was unusual due to its rubber sole - at the winter market, but several wearers quickly found that the added grip made it ideal of the slippery surface of the basketball court. For the next four decades, the shoe was a mainstay of the NBA, and by the time the likes of Nike and Adidas challenged the Chucks’ supremacy, it had invaded popular culture and everyday life.

Today, Converse estimate they sell a pair of shoes every 17 seconds, and their iconic high top - along with the All Star’s sister product, the low top “Ox” - is responsible for the lion’s share. The last century has arguably one of the most tumultuous and fast-paced in human history. That Converse and their beloved design have remained at the forefront throughout demonstrates a quality that transcends both practicality and fashion.

You can read a full account of Converse’s history by clicking here.


Converse Chuck Taylor High Top anatomy
Converse Chuck Taylor High Top sole

1. The sturdy rubber sole that made the Chuck Taylor a star on the basketball court and helped provide a solid base on which the style could flourish.

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top laces

2. Adult sizes of the high top trainer feature two rows of seven eyelets to tightly secure the shoes.

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top patch

3. The iconic Chuck Taylor signature patch, added in the 1920s after the salesman and amateur basketball player Charles "Chuck" Taylor had worked tirelessly to extol the shoe's virtues.

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top ventilation holes

4. Ventilation holes to allow the feet to breathe more effectively.

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top toe cap

5. The sturdy rubber toe cap and buffered outsole protects the foot from bumps.

Style guide

We said earlier than classic Converse high tops don’t need much of an introduction, and as you’d expect for a style that’s been around almost a century, it’s difficult to put together an authoritative style guide; they’ve been worn in just about every context you can imagine.

From sporting sneaker to runaway fixture to even wedding shoes, Converse are so ubiquitous these days that you can essentially wear the high top with any outfit and nobody will bat an eyelid.

For some examples of how many disparate looks can be tied together with a pair of Chucks, just check out our inspiration lookbook by clicking here.

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top trend    Converse Chuck Taylor High Top trend    Converse Chuck Taylor High Top trend

Buying your Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high tops with Cloggs

Of course, with a shoe that has enjoyed such a long and successful history, it’s inevitable that demand for variations on the classic theme will be in high demand. Thankfully, here at Cloggs we’ve put together a collection of Chucks in a veritable cacophony of colours and a shedload of styles for men, women and kids!

Here’s some of our favourite styles and colours:

Converse Chuck Taylor High black Converse Chuck Taylor High Top periwinkle Converse Chuck Taylor High Top white
Converse Chuck Taylor High Top charcoal Converse Chuck Taylor High Top red Converse Chuck Taylor High Top navy

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