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The History of Dubarry

The History of Dubarry

Dubarry were founded in 1937 as a co-operative, with the aim of bringing multifarious areas of employment to the town of Ballinasloe, which at the time had around 5000 residents. They began by producing handcrafted leather shoes, using the wealth of local expertise, but quickly found their product range limited in the face of their burgeoning reputation.

County Galway is famous for its sailing tradition, and Dubarry had this in mind when they produced their first boots and deck shoes. Dubarry boots quickly became signature items for sailors, thanks to their comfort, water resistance, and most importantly, unbeatable grip no matter what the conditions.

After establishing themselves firmly as market leaders, they once again found themselves somewhat limited, and decided to look back to their hometown for inspiration. Ballinasloe is best known for it’s October Country Fair, which dates back to the 18th Century. An annual gathering focused around equestrian events, the festival has played an important role in Irish country life for generations, and was the obvious choice for where Dubarry should go next.

One of the first designs they launched aimed at the country market has proven to be the best-loved and most enduring - the Dubarry Galway boot. More can be be found about the boot here, and our range, including EXTRAFIT™ wide fitting sizes, can be found here. Suffice to say that the boots remain the jewel in the crown of Dubarry’s country attire empire.

After seeing the potential of the market though the roaring success of the Galway boot, Dubarry wasted no time in branching out into the wider clothing market, created numerous high-end ranges that span from the fashionable to the functional. These include some wonderful accessories, many of which we stock at Cloggs.

Given they’ve had such an exciting trajectory thus far, it is no surprise to find that the future looks equally promising for the brand. 2012 and 2013 saw the opening of their flagship retail stores in Dublin and London, respectively.

With their reputation for rigorous high quality and ageless styles spreading ever quicker thanks to the internet, Dubarry are set to become one of the world’s leading high end fashion retailers. We’re delighted to be helping them to reach that goal.

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