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FitFlop™ Style

FitFlops style guide

Spring is here, which means it’s time to start getting excited about summer and all the lovely holidays everyone in the Cloggs family will be taking! We can picture it now; lounging by the pool, strolling down the beach before heading into a restaurant for an evening meal.

However, one thing that our customers consistently ask us is how to find shoes that are both beach friendly but you can wear for a prolonged period without waking up the next day with throbbing feet. Traditional flip flops are great for letting your feet breathe, but they can put undue stress on the leg muscles when walking as you subconsciously make adjustments to your natural walking style to keep them from falling off.

That’s why FitFlop™ are some of our best-sellers - their ergonomic design is not only a comfort revolution, but countless hours of careful research has gone into ensuring that the wedged sole shape found on FitFlop styles that makes them completely effortless to walk in. You can read about the technology that goes into making FitFlop’s.

Here’s our preview of what to expect from Cloggs’ FitFlop range in 2015:


The classic FitFlop style, the Lulu features a narrow toe-post thong strap style that looks great while being unobtrusively minimalist. The footbed and outsole is made from durable EVA and the strap’s material varies from sub-style to sub-style; the main Lulu range has luxurious leather straps.

The Lulu comes in three key variants - the Lulu™ Canvas, which uses a soft textile material for the strap, and the Lulu™ Shimmersuede, which has a strap made from shimmering metallic suede to add some glitz to your holiday outfits. The Lulu also comes, like many FitFlop sandal styles, in a Slide variant, with a strap over the top of the foot rather than a thong style one.

FitFlop Lulu Shimmersuede flame


Similar to the Lulu in terms of design, the main difference between that style and the FF2™ Banda™ is the use of Supercomff™ technology in the midsole, which helps offer a slimmer silhouette. The Banda comes in two key variants - the Slide, with two straps that loop over the foot, and the Sandal, which features an adjustable slingback secured by a buckle.

FitFlop Banda black

Aztek Chada™

As the name suggests, the FitFlop Aztek Chada brings some Mayan bling to the sandal world. The Aztek Chada is very similar in terms of design to the Lulu, and like the Lulu it comes in both a regular thong style as well as a Slide version. The Chadas’ real selling point, however, is the stylish array of golden studs that bejewel the strap.

FitFlop Aztek Chada devon blue


Brand new for 2015, the Novy is a hybrid of the Aztek Chada and the Lulu Shimmersuede, with the former style’s jewel detailing on the latter’s metallic suede straps. The Novy also features a microfibre lining for the little bit of added comfort to complement the triple density Microwobbleboard™ midsole found in all three styles. Like the Banda, the Novy comes in Slide and Sandal variants.

FitFlop Novy nude

The Skinny™

Featuring a slender leather strap with buckle detailing, The Skinny is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting a chic sandal that still boasts all the comfort that FitFlop has become renowned for. Available in a huge range of colours, including striped, nautically-themed red and white and blue and white design which has rapidly become a big favourite!

FitFlop The Skinny blue stripe


The FitFlop Superjelly features the same iconic looks of the Lulu - with the addition of an adjustable side buckle - with a fun twist, as the entire sandal is constructed from TPU rubber, making it waterproof and therefore perfect for use on the beach or by the pool!

FitFlop Superjelly red


The Petra sandal is very similar to the classic Lulu, in that it is a regular toe post design and features Microwobbleboard™ midsole for fantastic comfort. The main difference between the two styles is that the thong section of the Petra’s design comprises of jewel detailing for some added glitz and glamour!

FitFlop Petra pewter

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