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FitFlop™ Technology

FitFlop technology

Ever since they first launched in 2006, FitFlop™ have had legions of loyal followers who love the brand not only for their sleek, on-trend styles, but for their incredible comfort as well. The brand was founded by Marcia Kilgore, who counts Bliss Spa and beauty line Soap & Glory among her achievements, so the well-being of FitFlop fans was always going to be paramount. But just how are they're so comfortable?


FitFlop technology

In the majority of their sandals, such as the Cha Cha™ and The Skinny™, FitFlop use dense-elastic EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate, to give it its fancy scientific name) in the construction of their soles. This material is frequently used in high performance trainers, as it helps to absorb shock as well as being both durable and extremely lightweight, so as to avoid putting any extra weight on your legs as you walk.

The EVA is vertically segmented and triple-density, meaning three varying strengths are used in the sole, with the heel section realised in high density EVA in order to provide super-cushioned heel strike and help avoid stress on the ankle and knee joints. The toe is made with medium density polymer, which helps effectively disperse areas of high pressure. Information on the midsole can be found below.


FitFlop technology

FitFlop have become known for their stylish, thick soles, but it was far more than just following the latest trends which motivated this choice.

The thickness of the sole really emphasises the differences in material density, and means that even the lowest density EVA - found in the midsole - helps to absorb shock, keeping your knee and ankle joints feeling much happier.

The attractive wedge shape is another example of where the necessity of FitFlop’s technology has coincided with fashionable popularity. Wedged sandals are a must have style at the moment, and the ergonomic design of FitFlop’s wedges make them much comfier and natural to walk in than traditional flip flops with flat footbeds.

Many FitFlop footbeds also feature a slight bevel around the edge, which helps keep your foot securely in the sandal and means you don’t have to spend your time worrying about losing them!


FitFlop’s Microwobbleboard™ technology may have a fun name, but it delivers serious results. Engineered by two British biomechanists, the Microwobbleboard™ helps promote pressure diffusion across the foot rather than focusing the weight on pressure points in the big toe, heel and ball of the foot.

More recently, FItFlop have introduced the Supercomff™ midsole (found chiefly in the FF2™ range), designed to offer the same biomechanically engineered, triple-density EVA in a more slimline package, making it perfect for the brand’s growing range of shoes, slippers and boots.

You can see more of the Supercomff™ midsole below:

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