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FitFlop Superjelly sandal - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


A long-standing FitFlop favourite, the Superjelly has consistently been one of the brand’s best-selling styles since they were founded in 2006. Boasting the same iconic silhouette found on many FitFlops, including fellow-Cloggs Hall of Fame inductee the FitFlop Lulu, the Superjelly is realised with all the accoutrements typically found within the brand’s wares - including the iconic Microwobbleboard midsole - but with a thong strap made from glossy TPU rubber rather than the usual leather for a cool, retro sandal effect.


FitFlop were founded by Marcia Kilgore, a veteran of various successful ventures that were unified around the theme of ensuring women felt their best. She teamed with leading biomechanists with the goal of creating a sandal style that not only looked fantastic, but offered an ergonomic, incredibly comfortable fit.

The resulting design boasted an eye-catching wedge sole with a classic toe thong style strap, and this winning formula has been the structural basis for the vast majority of styles that FitFlop has released since.

The Superjelly was one of the first riffs off the first design template, and the fact that it is still here as the brand nears its tenth birthday speaks volumes about its popularity. The use of TPU rubber for the straps makes the style more closely related to classic sandals than the rest of FitFlop’s range, which tend to utilise leather for their straps, and more multi-purpose.


FitFlop Superjelly anatomy
FitFlop Superjelly toe post

1. Classic toe post thong strap for a relaxed, timeless look. The ergonomic design of the wedge sole and footbed means that despite the simplicity of the strap’s design, the Superjelly will remain secured to the foot with ease. Also available is the Superjelly Twist, which offers a double slide strap which wraps over the foot.

FitFlop Superjelly buckle

2. Adjustable buckle detailing offers the perfect fit to every foot size, as well as helping to break the lines of the Superjelly up, giving them some added personality.

FitFlop Superjelly midsole

3. Thick wedge midsole houses FitFlop’s Microwobbleboard™ triple-density technology, which helps to disperse pressure across the entire foot rather than focusing it on the ball and heel, reducing discomfort considerably.

FitFlop Superjelly rubber upper

4. Glossy TPU rubber is water-resistant and wipes clean easily, making the Superjelly the ideal stylish accompaniment to the pool or the beach.

Style guide

The shiny TPU rubber used on the Superjelly is reminiscent of classic sandal styles, meaning these go perfectly with beachwear and retro summer outfits!

FitFlop Superjelly trend    FitFlop Superjelly trend    FitFlop Superjelly trend

Buying your FitFlop Superjelly sandals with Cloggs

We stock a huge variety of FitFlop Superjelly styles, including the original, the funky Superjelly Twist with slide-on straps and the Superjelly Cork, which features the same silhouette as the original but with a cork outsole for an additional splash of old school cool.

FitFlop Superjelly black FitFlop Superjelly Twist bronze FitFlop Superjelly urban white

FitFlop Superjelly mazarine blue FitFlop Superjelly Twist white FitFlop Superjelly Cork black

Photos courtesy of FitFlop and Lookbook.

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