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FitFlop Lulu - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


FitFlop’s core design on which just about every one of their sandals is based, the Lulu remains a best-seller purely thanks to its deceptive simplicity. A slight wedge outsole, a simple leather toe thong strap, and a choice of simple colour combinations make it highly versatile, but the true key to the style’s appeal lies within the EVA sole and the technology which has won the brand legions of fans and rescued countless forlorn feet.


Despite being a relatively young brand (they sold their first pair in 2007), FitFlop have certainly made a name for themselves in the footwear world. Founded by Marcia Kilgore, who already had two major successes in the world of beauty, the brand set out to provide the answer to a simple question; why should looking good come at the price of comfort?

Kilgore teamed with two biomechanists, with the brief to create a sandal that not only gave big name high street brands a run for their money in the looks department, but offered levels of comfort previously thought impossible from slip on sandal designs. The result was the Walkstar, which established the template on which all future FitFlop sandals would be based.

The Walkstar was eventually revamped three times before being gradually phased out in favour of a new design, the Lulu. Slightly sleeker in aesthetic terms - the striped fabric was replaced with smooth leather, the branding at the crux of the strap moved to the side - the Lulu has gone on to be a perennial best seller, and acts as the minimalist base for the vast majority of FitFlop’s other styles to experiment from.


FitFlop Lulu
FitFlop Lulu Microwobbleboard midsole

1. Triple-density EVA outsole combined with Microwobbleboard™ midsole offers unbeatable comfort, while the wedge shape helps keep the sandal secured to the wearer’s foot and is more conducive to a natural walking motion.

FitFlop Lulu branding

2. Embossed FitFlop branding.

FitFlop Lulu strap

3. High quality, extremely durable leather strap.

FitFlop Lulu lining

4. Breathable microfibre lining for added comfort and odour prevention.

Style guide

As we mentioned above, the classic Lulu is almost a blank canvas, and most of FitFlop’s other current sandal styles - such as the Novy, the Superjelly, the Petra and the Aztek Chada - are all indebted in one way or another to the trailblazing of the Lulu.

Since its success, there have been some slight variations on the Lula formula. The Lulu Canvas offers the same design but with a fabric strap, not a leather one. The Lulu Slide replaces the thong strap with two that loop over the foot. Finally, the Shimmersuede - which is available in both regular and Slide variations - puts an eye-catching metallic twist on the strap. Despite this, however, the Lulu retains its versatility, looking at home when paired with evening wear as it does on the beach.

FitFlop Lulu trend    FitFlop Lulu trend    FitFlop Lulu trend

Buying your FitFlop Lulus with Cloggs

As stated in the style guide, we stock the classic Lulu in a range of colours and styles, including the Slide and the Shimmersuede, all with Fast, Free Delivery and Free Returns!.

Here’s some of our favourite styles and colours:

FitFlop Lulu Toffee Tan FitFlop Lulu antique white FitFlop Lulu Shimmersuede pewter
FitFlop Lulu Shimmersuede flame FitFlop Lulu Shimmersuede Slide black FitFlop Lulu Shimmersuede Slide nude

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