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Dubarry Materials

Dubarry Materials

Given Dubarry’s famous pedigree and heritage, it isn’t a surprise that the materials that go into their products are only of the highest quality. Their boots combine classic leather with various technological innovations, to offer a finished product that is unbeatably comfortable and extremely durable, as well as looking incredible.


Leather is used extensively in Dubarry’s products, in everything from their famous Galway boots to their fantastic range of bags, belts and wallets, all of which we stock here at Cloggs. Using only the best quality full cowhide leather means that Dubarry’s products are always supple and boast fantastic longevity, and the natural imperfections in the leather give their products an attractive ruggedness.

All the leather used in Dubarry’s products is sourced in an environmentally-friendly fashion. The leather is then treated with Dubarry’s trademarked DryFast - DrySoft™ production process, which helps seal the leather against moisture. This means it absorbs less water when wet, and thus takes 70% less time to dry. It also helps keep the boots watertight.


GORE-TEX® is one of the most widely used materials in high-end outerwear, due to its dual function. Not only does it help waterproof footwear in a lightweight manner, but it also provides a permeable membrane through which moisture inside the shoe can escape, keeping your feet bone dry and stopping them from getting too warm.


As you’d expect, the quality of Dubarry’s footwear doesn’t stop with the leather. Their outsoles are generally made from a compound of traditional rubber and synthetic polyurethane, which provide a combination of comfort, longevity, and anti-slip properties. This is then attached to the upper via injection moulding, which ensures the seams are sealed against water and helps insulate the foot’s natural heat.

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