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Dr Martens Style

Dr Martens Style Guide


The original style produced by the Griggs factory in Northampton, the 1460 is the design that is still most commonly associated with the brand, and the most popular. Originally produced in cherry red and black colours - always with the iconic yellow stitching - the 1460 has been adopted by countless youth subculture movements. The boot features eight eyelets, and the supremely sturdy and comfortable AirWair technology sole.

Dr Martens 1460 boot


Taking the design, comfort and production techniques of the 1460 boot and transplanting it into a shoe, the 1461 is the shoe of choice for thousands in professions that involve a lot of time on their feet. Available from Cloggs in a huge range of colours and materials, the 1461 is a great choice for anyone looking to make a bit of a statement with their shoes, but who isn’t quite ready to take the plunge into 1460s!

Dr Martens 1461 boot


The Pascal has taken its design cues from the classic 1460, but it has been slimmed down considerably, with a more natural toe box and shallower sole (although they of course still feature AirWair technology for maximum comfort). Thanks to this slimmer silhouette, they can be worn with a wider range of styles, and this is reflected in the bigger selection of colours, finishes, and patterns that we sell them in.

Dr Martens Pascal boot


The Kensington range comes in a selection of different silhouettes and styles, all designed with the female Docs fan in mind. With everything from buckled ankle boots to slip-on monk strap brogues to chelsea boots, the Kensington range proudly exhibits Dr Martens’ feminine side. However, they still boast the AirWair sole that inspired the brand in the first place and the unbeatable comfort that comes with it.

Dr Martens Kensington Chelsea boot

Philips Capper

A nostalgia-style twist on the classic 1460 design, the inspiration behind the Philips Capper range came from the Dr Martens archive. The yellow welting stitching and thicker AirWair sole are still present, but the stitching on the upper is golden, as are the eight eyelets. The contrast-backed leather provides an old-school look, as does the embossed logo on the side of the shaft. Perfect for vintage fans!

Dr Martens Philips Capper boot


Similarly to the Pascal, the Hadley takes design cues from the 1460, but with a slight twist. In the case of these boots, the silhouette is slimmer, the toe box less pronounced, and rather than using Docs’ traditional tough, smoothed leather, the Hadley is made with softer full-grain leather, and features just four eyelets, with the top four replaced with easy to lace hooks. They also tend to come in more neutral colours.

Dr Martens Hadley boot


Ideal for any parents looking to bring out their kid’s individuality, the Brooklee is the moniker for Docs’ shrunken down, child-sized version of the 1460 boot, complete with the same iconic eight eyelet, yellow stitched, thick soled, pull tabbed design. Available in a range of different colours and designs, as well as materials including patent and smoothed leather. Get your kids to stand for something early on!

Dr Martens Brooklee boot

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