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Dr Martens 1460 boot - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


This style really needs no introduction - but, in timeless Cloggs Hall of Fame fashion, we’re still going to give it one! The 1460 boot by Dr Martens has been on a breakneck rollercoaster of a journey to reach the point it is today. Now over half a century old, the style has lost none of rebellious spirit which made it a darling of countless counter culture movements or the incredible comfort offered by the AirWair sole technology that has enabled it to stick around for so long.


Possibly the most storied single footwear style of all time, the 1460’s story is that of Dr Martens as a brand. The boot is close in design to the one originally fashioned by Dr Klaus Maertens from his standard-issue army boots using some old tire as the sole while nursing an injured ankle.

It was when the Griggs family in Northampton bought the licence to produce the boots for the UK market, however, that the legend of the 1460 truly began. The numerical moniker refers to the date that the boot first rolled off the production line, and its continued use to this day is demonstrative of how little the boot has needed to change and adapt over the years.

Originally a popular work boot thanks to its combination of protection and comfort, the 1460’s most notable feature was the AirWair sole, which utilised pockets of air to help insulate the foot from shocks and knocks. The boot became so indelibly connected to the working class that it was appropriated by Pete Townshend as a statement against the musical styles of the time, sparking a counter-cultural connotation that has remained with the boot ever since.


Dr Martens 1460 anatomy
Dr Martens 1460 AirWair

1. AirWair is the trademarked name of Dr Martens’ unique air cushioning technology found located in the soles of all of their styles. Despite their rugged appearance, these boots are anything but tough on the feet thanks to this innovation.

Dr Martens 1460 stitching

2. The iconic yellow stitching is the result of Dr Martens’ unique Z welting technique, designed to offer the incredible durability their boots are famed for.

Dr Martens 1460 upper

3. Smooth leather upper, here in the original - and iconic - cherry red colour.

Dr Martens 1460 eyelets

4. Eight eyelets allow for a sturdy look and feel.

Dr Martens 1460 heel loop

5. Branded AirWair heel loop to help ease the boots on and off.

Style guide

Although traditionally carrying associations with Mods and punks - two movements with extremely specific “uniforms” - the 1460 in more recent times has been embraced by just about every stylistic movement out there. Whether you’re using them to toughen up a feminine look or as part of a bold ensemble, there are few outfits - male or female - that Docs don’t add to.

Dr Martens 1460s trend    Dr Martens 1460s trend    Dr Martens 1460s trend

Buying your Dr Martens 1460 boots with Cloggs

Doc Martens have been a Cloggs staple brand for years, and we’ve amassed a fantastic selection of best-selling 1460 colours and styles. Click on the images below to access individual styles, or click here to browse our full range of Dr Martens 1460s.

Dr Martens 1460 Black Smooth Dr Martens 1460 Aztec Crazy Horse Dr Martens 1460 Navy Smooth
Dr Martens 1460 Tan Tattoo Dr Martens 1460 Green Smooth Dr Martens 1460 Purple Smooth

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