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Clarks Desert Boot Inspiration Guide

The Clarks desert boot is one of the most versatile styles around. Simple enough to be worn with basically anything barring a tuxedo, the desert boot is fantastic for tempering the tone of an outfit; whether you’re looking to dress up some jeans and a t-shirt or add some adventurousness to a suit, it’s very hard to go wrong with desert boots.

We’ve put together a lookbook of some of our favourite ways to wear Clarks desert boots (CBDs), split into five broad categories.

The dinner party look



Dinner parties can be one of the toughest social situations to navigate in a sartorial sense - you don’t want to look like a slob, but at the same time top hat and tails might be going a bit too far in the other direction. Pairing CDBs with a pair of tweed or woolen trousers and a smart button down shirt can ensure you look smart - but not too smart. As is the case with many of these looks, it’s generally good practice to cuff trousers a couple of times to show the boots off and avoid bunching.

The played down formal look



Pairing desert boots with a suit is a great way to include a flash of individuality without distracting from its formality. As Clarks boots have typically been a sandy brown colour, they’ve been best paired with navy or grey suits, but the introduction of darker browns, blacks and lighter shades means that no matter what colour suit you’ve got, there’ll be a shade of CDBs to match.

The beat poet look



One of the first subcultures to really take the boots to heart in the 1950s were the beat poets, and with their style - which blended Americana with laidback suits and the classic check shirt and jeans combo - a modern staple, it’s an easy, timeless look to replicate.

The mod look



Similar to the Beats but slightly less formal, mod style tended to combine traditional formal garb with eccentric exhibitions of Britishness - think trenchcoats, parkas, and brightly coloured shirts. Desert boots help the entire look stay grounded.

The dressed up casual look



Finally, we’ve got casual outfits that have been dressed up by the addition of desert boots.

You can browse our range of Clarks Originals desert boots here.

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