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Crocs Technology

Crocs technology

A relative newcomer in the footwear industry, Crocs is one of those brands that has slowly crept into our lives and become synonymous as one of the most comfortable shoes around.

Its products are manufactured using Croslite™ rubber, which allows your feet to expand, bend and move freely without resistance. This material is ergonomically-approved too, which means that even scientists agree that it genuinely offers the benefits that it proposes. Just one of the benefits is that Crocs are proven to reduce muscle fatigue by nearly two-thirds - perfect if you’re on a leisure holiday but still want to get out and about and see the sights.

Your Crocs will eventually mould themselves to the unique contours of your feet – creating a bespoke fit that ensures maximum comfort.

As if the benefits to the wearer’s health weren’t enough, Croslite™ is also odour resistant and recyclable, which means that they can happily be used in a recreational setting and then recycled - rather than just thrown in the bin like your standard shoe.

The brand started with its truly one-of-a-kind shoe/sandal hybrid, and has gone on to expand into new territories including trainers, boots and wellies. The classic Cayman line offers a snug fit and ventilation in the form of perforations around the toe box – helping them to stay fresh and odourless if you are walking in warm weather.

Some of the newer models have opted for a different stylistic approach: Beach Line incorporates the boat shoe detailing that has been so hot for the past couple of spring/summer seasons, for example. And the fur-lined Baya adds warmth to the comfort; making it the perfect shoe for lounging around the house or in those colder months outside.

The kids welly range, the superbly-named Handle It, is available in a wide range of colour palettes and will be a God-send if your kids like to splash around in puddles or play in the mud.

With a product range that has become almost omnipresent in mainstream society, it’s hard to believe that Crocs have only been around since 2002. The range has been worn by those looking for an unrivalled fit, and also those working in professions where health and safety is key – as the rubber material can be easily sterilised.

Famous fans of the Crocs brand include Michelle Obama, Rihanna and Angelina Jolie – and they know the score when it comes to fashionable footwear!

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