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How to Clean Hunter Wellies

How to clean Hunter Wellies

Hunter wellies have undergone a transformative process in the last couple of decades, transcending their reputation as sturdy, reliable wellington boots and becoming iconic pieces of footwear. While we’ve become accustomed over the last couple of years to see celebs in their mud-splattered Hunters at festivals, there comes a point where the mud will cease being a novelty and you’ll want your Hunters looking good as new again.

As when cleaning mud and dirt off just about any type of footwear, the first thing you should do is look to get rid of any large clumps as soon as you’ve taken your Hunter wellies off. If it dries on, it’s often much tougher to get rid of.

Then, take some soapy, lukewarm water, and a cloth and go over the boots for as long as necessary in order to get rid of all the remaining dirt and mud. After this, allow the boots to dry completely, away from direct sunlight or artificial sources of heat. If kept near these for too long as they dry, the boots can suffer permanent damage to the rubber.

How to clean Hunter Wellies

After they’ve dried, take your official Hunter Rubber Care Kit and spray some of the included rubber buffer to help restore the boots’ original lustre. Apply to one small area at a time and rub in using a good quality chamois or microfibre cloth for the best results.

As Hunter boots are made from natural, high quality rubber, they’re also susceptible to blooming - the appearance of light white marks on the rubber which appear over time. Some people actually prefer the slightly marbled effect this has on the wellies, as it authenticates the quality of the rubber.

If you want to have your boots look like they did when they first came out of the box however, simply follow the steps above, again avoiding direct sources of heat when drying the boots, and applying Hunter’s rubber buffer spray to give the boots their vibrant finish back.

Hunter have made this fancy video to show the cleaning process in action:

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