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Clarks Style

Clarks Style Guide

Surviving 200 years in an industry as notoriously competitive as shoemaking is virtually impossible without at least a couple of your styles catching on. Luckily for Clarks, they’ve had more than a couple of hits over the years.

Desert Boot

Perhaps one of the most famous items of footwear on the planet, Clarks’ desert boots set the bar for a shoe that has been imitated by a number of brands – but never bettered.

Available in a number of coloured uppers and soles, it’s the simplistic design that sets it apart from its competitors. Casual enough to be worn during the day - and smart enough to be incorporated into evening attire - the desert boot lives on in the hearts (and on the feet) of celebrities and the general public alike.

It was introduced to the world by Nathan Clark in 1949 at the Chicago Shoe Fair, and the simple design and exceptional comfort helped it to become an instant hit. It became the footwear of choice for many an off-duty Army officer shortly after, as well as the rock and roll stars of the day – proving its ability to bridge the social and cultural divide.

Available in many tones - from cream to black and everything in-between – and finished off with sturdy eyelets, stitched detailing and the traditional Clarks lace tab, the desert boot is the gift to British fashion that keeps on giving. You can read more about the history of the style here.


Clarks’ heels have been worn by every generation from the 1950s to the modern day, exemplifying a quintessential style that has remained at the forefront of the industry to this day.

Available in a range of different styles - from court shoes to straps – and materials (textile, suede or leather), the Clarks’ mantra of comfort and aesthetic appeal is very much evident in the lines of heel. The classic silhouettes are timeless, and look just as at home in the office during the day as they do in a bar or club at night. You can pick up a pair in material, suede or leather.

Whatever type of appearance you need to create, you will find the right style and fit of heel. And whichever look you’re trying to recreate, the Clarks heels range can help you turn heads and drop jaws.


Unsurprisingly for a company their age, Clarks are well known for the range of men’s brogues. Usually blake welted for a sturdy construction and slim line silhouette, their brogues have long been associated with formal wear, but recently they have branched out into offering casual brogues that boast the same impeccable standard of production quality.

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