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Clarks Shoes History

Clarks Shoes History

Few names in the footwear game are as synonymous with comfort and reliability as Clarks shoes are.

It was the Clark brothers, Cyrus and James, who founded the brand in Street, Somerset – where it is still located to this day – almost two centuries ago. Since those humble beginnings they’ve gone on to become an internationally-sold and globally-renowned name, mainly due to the sheer reliability and effortless, timeless style of their products.

With such a rich heritage, Clarks have been there through it all - their factory was even used to make help missiles for the Allied forces during World War II. This fine history has enabled the brand to oversee continuous development and improvement year on year, and now in 2015 they occupy a rarified position in the footwear brand canon.

With new products launched seasonally, at the heart of it all Clarks still pride themselves on their countless classic styles: the desert boot (which you can read more about here), the Wallabee and the iconic Playdeck sandal. These lines have helped the company to cement its position as one of the world’s premier footwear creators.

So how have they generated such a venerable reputation? It’s in everything they do: Clarks were one of the first manufacturers to develop footwear that contoured to the shape of the wearer’s foot, which ensures optimum comfort. They also incorporate ‘Active Air’ into the soles of their products, which adds another layer of cushioning and shock absorption to an already dreamy fit.

Clarks are renowned both in the industry and with the discerning consumer for the quality, craftsmanship and affordability of their shoes and boots. But that’s not to say they fall short in the effortless style stakes either: far from it in fact. Musicians as diverse as Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Robbie Williams have all worn the brand on stage - whether that’s a pair from the casual collection or something a little smarter.

Time-served and timeless; that’s Clarks shoes. They’re both an investment and a fashion statement.

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