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Cheaney Brand History

Cheaney Brand History

When it comes to formal footwear, Cheaney is one of the dominating brands for men, offering a stunning selection of impeccably crafted shoes - from brogues to boots, designed to stand the test of time and retain their undeniable quality year after year.

Cheaney shoes are still crafted in the Northampton factory where the brand was conceived in 1896, and the brand has a wealth of heritage and history told time and time again through their stunning designs. Here, we take a closer look at the rich history behind Cheaney shoes, a brand that continues to dominate the formal footwear stakes year after year.

Cheaney Brand History

*Image sourced from Cheaney.

Originally founded by one Joseph Cheaney, the company we know as Cheaney today, moved to Northampton in 1896, and it is from that site that Cheaney shoes are still presently crafted. In 1903, Arthur and Harold - sons of Joseph, joined the company. By 1930, Joseph’s grandson “Dick” Cheaney became part of the company today, beginning the family tradition which is still embedded in the company to this very day. By 1966 Cheaney was winning extremely prestigious awards like the ‘Queen’s Award to Industry’, and was then sold to Church and Company. In 2009 Jonathan and William Church bought the company. Their family has been making impeccable footwear for over five generations and remain wholly dedicated to producing fine formal footwear completely made in England, from design to construction all under that very same roof founded by Joseph Cheaney in 1896.

It’s a traditional manufacturing industry of which there are very few left, and many of its team of 140 craftspeople have long held family connections with the business. Indeed, the history of this brand began with a bloodline, and it seems truly fitting that as a parallel, the brand is kept alive today through a deep family history of expertise. Indeed, the impressive craftsmanship skills on display through every single pair of Cheaney shoes has been handed down from generation to generation, and that’s just one reason why this brand is so special. To this day, many of the 140 craftsmen and women based at the Northamptonshire factory are third or even fourth-generation shoemakers, themselves with long-held family ties to the founders who first set up shop so many years ago.

It isn’t just a familial nostalgia which makes Cheaney products so special, but the actual way their products are designed. Since the conception of the brand, their shoes have been made with a precision almost unlike any other brand of formal footwear. Many years ago Cheaney recognised that the idea that men would only wear their formal shoes indoors was simply impractical, and as such took it upon themselves to patent their unique welting technique in 1901 that offers the wearer a much more watertight shoe than a more traditional blake stitched brogue. Similar to the goodyear welting technique, this exclusive method of stitching also makes their range of footwear considerably easier to resole, which also extends their potential lifespan by decades.

We are proud to stock an impressive range of Cheaney shoes, and one look at our stunning selection pays homage to the truly remarkable craftsmanship required to create each individual Cheaney shoe.

Which of our Cheaney shoes is your favourite?

Cheaney Brand History

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