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Camper's 'Life on Foot' Exhibition at the Design Museum in London

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Camper is one of our most loved brands at CLOGGS. A brand with a wealth of history, Camper are one of Spain’s most famous footwear manufacturers. Regularly combining quirky colours and textures to create their range of boots, shoes, slippers and sandals, Camper are forever breaking the mould of footwear designing and creating unique and bold pieces which our CLOGGS customers love.

Camper is such a celebrated brand in fact, that they are opening a ‘Life on Foot’ exhibition at the Design Museum in London. The Design Museum features a number of exhibitions celebrating design in different forms and styles, so it’s no surprise they chose to celebrate the design history of one of Europe’s premium footwear brands.

The exhibition, titled ‘Life on Foot’ will run from the 13th of May til the 1st of November, 2015, and will feature lots of insightful pieces and sketches; providing a real insight to the design process behind Camper’s much-loved shoes.

“Opening up Camper’s extensive archives publicly for the first time, discover the design and manufacturing process of the company’s instantly-recognisable products from their design studios in Mallorca to their high-tech mass production facilities in the Far East. Through sketched concepts, prototype products and as-yet-unreleased pieces, this exhibition explores Camper’s approach to everything from conceptual retail spaces and to their non-conformist, playful approach to advertising.”
Design Museum’s blurb of the ‘Life on Foot’ exhibition

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We can’t wait to visit the Design Museum to learn more about Camper and their production methods. Will you be visiting the ‘Life on Foot’ exhibition?

Grab your Camper footwear from CLOGGS here, and get ready to celebrate one of Spain’s finest shoe designers down in London.

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