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Brand Spotlight: Superdry

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Without a doubt one of our most vibrant and exciting brands at Cloggs, Superdry continues to produce iconic styles of footwear and accessories full of personality, season after season. As one of our most fun brands, we thought it was due time we paid homage to Superdry, and that homage comes in the form of a ‘Brand Spotlight’ post, where we will cover the ins and outs of the Superdry range at Cloggs.

Superdry History

The brand we know and love today as ‘Superdry’ was originally founded in 1985 under the very different name ‘Cult Clothing’, and ‘Superdry’ was only born from a trip to Tokyo in 2003. The brand opened a store in London’s Covent Garden in 2004 which sparked the interest in the brand, and it’s now sold in over 40 countries all over the world. The unique brand is a fusion of American and Japanese inspired graphics on a variety of typically British style designs, creating a truly distinctive and one-of-a-kind look that is at the very root of the brand’s success.

Superdry Cloggs Range

Though Superdry are more typically known for their range of clothing, their stunning repertoire of footwear and accessories is equally as iconic; much of which is available at Cloggs. Here we highlight some of the different, amazing Superdry products available from our website.

Superdry Trainers

Superdry Low Pro Womens Charcoal Floral

Superdry’s range of trainers come in a variety of styles, each of which brilliantly distinguishable and true to Superdry’s signature look and feel. In a lightweight finish, they typically have a rubber sole and come in a range of fabulous patterns and finishes. They offer a spectrum of stunning stand-out prints and colours, designed to provide the perfect pop of colour and style to your outfit, each at an incredibly affordable price-point. View our range of Superdry trainers here.

Superdry Shoes

Superdry Kalahari Mens Tan Suede

Superdry shoes is perhaps a vague category for what is a cornucopia of impeccable footwear designs and incredible prices. Their range of shoes spans a number of different footwear styles, from boots to sandals - as well as almost anything in between! Their styles are not only on-trend and fashion-forward, but incredibly affordable too. We would particularly recommend a look at their ankle boots which are perfect for day to night wear. View our range of Superdry shoes here.

Superdry Flip Flops

Superdry Glitter Flip Flop Womens Grey/Optic

Superdry flip flops have every ounce of personality we’ve come to associate with this vibrant brand - but they are incredibly comfortable too! In a range of beautiful colours, Superdry flip flops will become your go-to footwear for comfort and style when the weather is a little warmer! They have flip flops with rubber soles or cork soles - depending on your preference - why not buy a pair in every colour? View our Superdry flip flops here.

Superdry Accessories

Superdry Mash Up Alumni Navy/White/Red

Superdry accessories are almost as iconic as their range of footwear. Emblazoned with the typical American/Japanese fusion artwork, whether you’re looking for a bag or a hat, Superdry accessories will have every ounce of personality that you need. With a large range of options or both men and women, each in Superdry’s signature colourful style, our range of Superdry accessories - which can be viewed here, will have something for everyone.

Our range of Superdry products is full of the most exciting styles and looks to perfectly cater for your fashion needs during every season. Which is your favourite Superdry style?

Shop our full range of Superdry here.

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