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Brand Spotlight: Mi-Pac

Mi-Pac Logo

Brand Story

One of our youngest brands here at CLOGGs, Mi-Pac began just a few years ago, in the Summer of 2012. However, age is no measure of success; and Mi-Pac have already succeeded to cement themselves as a leading accessory brand in the UK. Single-handedly redefining the way we view the backpack by combining fashion and functionality, Mi-Pac offer an outstanding range of backpacks and other accessories. The initial concept behind the brand was to take a staple item like the backpack and mould it into a fashion accessory which is both affordable and funky too. Mi-Pac bags and accessories come in a range of colours, patterns, prints and styles - you’re guaranteed to find something to meet your needs!

Back to School with Mi-Pac

Mi-Pac Floral Backpack

Backpacks are extremely practical. They’re spacious, comfortable to wear and have plenty of pockets to keep all your goods in. This is why a backpack is an essential school and highschool item. Though many use them for travelling and day to day use, it’s undeniable that school is the dominating backpack arena. With Mi-Pac you’ll not only get a product which has plenty of space for your school books, laptop, pencil case and other school essentials - but also a cool-looking fashion accessory that you certainly won’t mind carrying around all day!

The new range of Mi-Pac bags offer:

  • An internal padded compartment, providing ultimate protection for your tablet or laptop
  • A water resistant sound port with music pouch*
  • A fully lined structure for extra durability and protection
  • Reinforced padded straps for comfort and strength
  • A capacity of 17 litres
  • A water-resistantmaterial to keep your belongings safe

These are just some of the reasons why Mi-Pac is such a key back to school brand. This, combined with their incredible patterns, colours and styles provides an obvious explanation as to why Mi-Pac are seriously dominating the back to school stakes!

What do you think of the Mi-Pac range? Which is your favourite?

Mi-Pac Gold Backpack

Stand Out Products

Every Mi-Pac design is vibrant and unique, perfect for catering to a variety of personal styles and tastes. Their range will undoubtedly feature something for everyone, but here are our personal favourites!

Mi-Pac Stars Sing Burgundy BackpackMi-Pac Tan Aztek BackpackMi-Pac Chambray Blue Backpack
Mi-Pac Tropical Floral BackpackMi-Pac Classic Black BackpackMi-Pac Gold Backpack White Perf

What do you think of the Mi-Pac range? Which is your favourite?

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