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Brand Spotlight: Barker

Barker Logo

When it comes to menís formal footwear, there are a few brands which really stand a cut above the rest. Undeniably, Barker Shoes are one of these companies which truly dominate the formal footwear stakes. These British shoemakers are truly unrivalled for brand prestige and history, and here at CLOGGS weíre extremely delighted to have them on board.

Barker Logo

Brand Story

As mentioned on their logo, Barker began in a Northamptonshire village in 1880 creating quality formal footwear for men. Starting as a family run business which was passed down from generation to generation, Barker play a big part in Britainís historical tapestry of fashion, having made boots for the army in World War I. Their reputation has only grown stronger, and with each pair being hand lasted to ensure the quality and finish that is synonymous with the Barker name, itís easy to see why Barker as a brand have stood the test of time.

Barker Brogues Lifestyle Image

Barker create a variety of stunning menís formal footwear. Their shoes tend to follow a typical brogue style, perfect for wearing with a suit or even for smarting up a more casual denim jeans ensemble, however the Barker McClean is one of their most famous models. When you look at the image pictured above, itís fairly easy to see why the Barker McClean is so popular. These gorgeous brogues have impeccable attention to detail and come in a variety of impeccable colours and finishes. As well as the Cedar/Burgundy McClean pictured above, the Barker McClean also comes in the following colours:

Barker McClean Cedar & PaisleyBarker McClean RosewoodBarker McClean Cedar Calf & Blue Suede

Barker Woody Image

Barker Woody is another classic model which oozes class and style. The Navy and Blue Calf edition, as pictured above, has the traditional qualities of a classic brogue, with with subtle flashes of electric blue for a modern and stylish edge. A stunning wooden sole and impeccable leather craftsmanship, itís no surprise Barkerís Woody is one of the most popular styles. The Woody is also available in the following finishes:

Barker Woody Rum & Mustard CalfBarker Woody Cedar

Rum & Mustard Calf††††Cedar


Classy shoes need to be taken care of, and you canít get much classier than Barker. Each shoe is individually hand-crafted, and thatís why if you take care of your Barker footwear, they will stand the test of time. As well as a sublime range of different menís formal shoes, Barker have also created a range of shoe care to help you keep your Barkers shoes in tip top condition.

Collection of Barker Shoes

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