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CLOGGS' Visit to the Birmingham Children's Hospital

As many of you might know, starting from only a few months ago CLOGGS have begun working closely with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital to help out wherever we can and raise funds to contribute to the excellent work the hospital conducts - much of which isn’t possible without fundraising. Last week, members of the CLOGGS HQ paid a little visit to the team over at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital to find out exactly where the money raised through a variety of fundraising activities actually go, and how our collective efforts to raise funds helps the patients of the hospital.

Birmingham Children's Hospital

As you walk to the front entrance of the hospital, you’re bound to pass several giant ceramic owls. This might sound a little bizarre, but it’s just one of the hospital’s unique fundraising partnership to generate funds for the innovative technologies and designs that the hospital relies on to deliver the world-class care it gives its patients.

The Big Hoot 2015 Owl

89 ceramic owls have been designed by local artists and placed to form a trail throughout Birmingham. Each owl has been individually designed and intricately created by Birmingham artists and the trail is completely free to follow! The owls can be seen until the 27th of September, where after that they’ll be auctioned off to raise funds for the hospital.

This exceptional project has added culture and art into the city centre in a fantastic and engaging way, and Birmingham Children’s Hospital hope that the auction raises £500,000 in funds.

The Big Hoot 2015 Owl

The tour of Birmingham Children’s Hospital was a fantastic experience for CLOGGS and it was incredible to see the areas of the hospital that have been built from the ground up solely through fundraising. What was even more incredible, was learning about the innovative technologies which provide care that save lives, all of which the hospital were able to purchase thanks to fundraising.

CLOGGS took part in the ‘Big Bandage Day’ which occurred on the 10th of July, where all members of staff wore a bandage to work and raised funds for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We managed to raise over £150, and were fortunate to hear a little more about where our funds will be going within the hospital.

Magnolia House 2015

The Magnolia House will be a special location in the hospital, designed to help doctors and other members of staff deliver difficult news to families. Currently, there isn’t a designated space for breaking difficult news - and life-changing conversations are happening wherever possible - in offices, kitchens, empty cubicles and playrooms too. Magnolia House will be a special facility within the hospital with a different feel to wards and clinics, designed to provide families with a space for difficult times. There will be counselling rooms and support for these family members at all times, and Magnolia House will be a peaceful environment for difficult conversations to occur.

To make this incredible space happen, the Birmingham Children’s Hospital need to make 1 million pounds, which is an exceptional amount of money - but for such an important cause. Attending the hospital and seeing where this building will be placed has made CLOGGS even more dedicated to help raise funds wherever we can for this incredible cause.

We also had the opportunity to visit the exciting Fundraising Hub within the hospital, which sells a huge assortment of goods available for purchase, the funds of which all contributes to the fundraising!

BCH Fundraising Hub

We look forward to engaging in plenty more fun and exciting fundraising activities to help support the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and we hope our customers will help support this fantastic cause too!

To learn more about the Magnolia House appeal, please click here, and for more information about the incredible Big Hoot project, click here.

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