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Birkenstock Technology

Birkenstock technology

You can see a pair of Birkenstock’s being worn on the high street from metres away; this is thanks to their easily identifiable customary design features. These may look like an ordinary sandal, but it is the enhanced comfort features and attention to detail that sets them apart from the rest.

Birkenstock’s statement sandals feature a moulded cork and rubber hybrid footbed, which forms neatly to the fit the shape of the wearers foot – it’s like a memory foam mattress for your feet.

Birkenstock footbed
    1. Footbed edge
    2. Deliberately elevated toprotect the toes.

    3. Toe bar
    4. Guides the toes, promoting the natural rolling movement of the foot.

    5. Cross arch support
    6. Helps shift pressure from the middle to the front of the foot.

    7. Suede leather lining
    8. Creates a healthy climate around the foot.

    9. Inner and outer longi-tudinal arch supports
    10. Gives the foot support and provides stability for the heel.

    11. Deep heel cup
    12. Gives the foot a firm hold and maintains the heel profile.

    13. Cork Latex Footbed
    14. Extremely flexible, providing a uniquely high level of wearing comfort.

    The wearer also benefits from Birkenstock’s unique Birko Flor material. Used on the upper of all of their product ranges, this leather-like material is made of soft acrylic fibres to enhance the contouring of the piece to the individual shape of your feet.

    Elastic and durable with breathing qualities

    The foundation of each Birkenstock model is the footbed made from natural and renewable materials. Every material used in each individual Birkenstock shoe is of the highest quality, sourced specifically to meet the Birkenstock brand ethos. The cork used for the soles is from cork oak bark. Cork has impressive characteristics: it is light, heat and cold insulating, has an antibacterial effect, absorbs moisture, and has a high degree of elasticity and excellent insulation properties.

    It’s no secret that Birkenstock are the Rolls Royce of casual footwear, and when you consider the very specific technology which goes into their comfy soles it’s easy to see why they’ve stuck around for so long. A simple looking design with very intricate technology; Birkenstock are most definitely a brand that will dominate the footwear stakes for years to come.

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