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Birkenstock History

Birkenstock history

With the Birkenstock name comes a brand which is universally recognisable, and a unique style which is truly celebrated across the globe. The easy-to-wear comfort footwear has developed a true hall-of-fame style status in the shoe stakes, and CLOGGS are truly delighted to have them on board with us.

Besides from being a dominant force in the Spring/Summer season with their one-of-a-kind sandals, Birkenstock have a rich history and a backstory that brings bags of character to such a well known brand.

The Birkenstock name officially dates back to 1774, when company founder Johann Adam Birkenstock was listed as a shoemaker in official church records. Spanning over a cool two centuries, this makes Birkenstock the oldest footwear brand available on Cloggs. For a brand to still be as relevant to today’s market as they were over 200 years ago, you know you’re dealing with footwear royalty, and it’s safe to say Birkenstocks are here to stay.

It was one of Johann’s descendants, Konrad, who really helped to put the Birkenstock name on the map in the early 1900s. He started to manufacture an insole that was contoured to the shape of the foot – allowing for a more natural and comfortable fit whilst still providing the maximum range of support. The impact this had on the footwear industry was profound, and by 1925 the insole was being distributed across Europe and further afield, cementing the brand as a leader in orthopedic insoles.

In 1964, however, the real Eureka moment arrived. Carl Birkenstock, who happened to be Johann’s great great grandson, wondered what would happen if this insole was stitched directly into a sandal – and this is where the modern brand we know as Birkenstock was really born.

Nowadays it is one of the most recogniseable and distinguished brands around, worn religiously through the hotter months by people all around the world. With a heritage so entrenched in comfort and wearability, the Birkenstock brand is simple; just good old-fashioned sandals in a small number of stand-out colours and designs.

But that’s not to say they’ve not been taken to the hearts of fashionistas and the style conscious. Birkenstock’s have been snapped on the likes of Miranda Kerr, Naomi Watts and Heidi Klum, with plenty of male admirers strapping on a pair too.

With more than 250 years under their belt the guys at Birkenstock still haven’t found time to rest on their laurels. Their product ranges - from the one strap of Ramses to the two-strapped Arizona – are as comfortable as ever, and their cork and rubber soles often imitated but never bettered.

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