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Birkenstock Gizeh - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


A pioneer in casual footwear, Birkenstocks are the oldest brand we house at CLOGGS, and there are certainly a few reasons their iconic shoe styles have stood the test of time and continued to remain some of CLOGGS’ most sought after shoes, year upon year. The Gizeh is a classic Birkenstock style, one which we’re proud to induct into our Hall of Fame. The stunning thong-style sandal features Birkenstock’s indistinguishable cork latex footbed, and a singular thong strap which fits between the toes for optimum grip and comfort. But how has the Birkenstock Gizeh grown to be one of the nation’s most loved sandals?


Founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock, the company has gone from strength to strength over the past two decades. It was Konrad Birkenstock, one of Johann’s descendents, who manufactured the famous Birkenstock insole which contours to fit the shape of the foot, providing maximum comfort and stability for your feet. This insole was pioneering in the footwear industry, and was soon being shipped across Europe and beyond. In 1964 Johann’s great great grandson Carl Birkenstock decided to put this insole in a sandal, and the rest is history. Birkenstock has since grown into a universally loved brand of footwear, found on the feet of many a celebrity and frequenting every high street. What is it about Birkenstocks that we just can't get enough of?


Birkenstock Gizeh Black
Birkenstock Footbed

1. The most important part of any Birkenstock shoe is the Cork Latex Footbed - An extremely flexible cork footbed in the sandal, which provides a uniquely high level of comfort for the wearer

Birkenstock Toe Bar

2. One of the most important parts of technology in the footbed is this Toe Bar - A ridge in the footbed which guides the toes into the right place, promoting the natural rolling movement of the foot.

Birkenstock Strap

3. Exclusive to the Gizeh model of Birkenstocks, we've got the Thong Strap - The thick leather strap which fits between the toes for grip

Style guide

Birkenstocks simply define the phrase “smart casual”. These effortless sandals provide optimum comfort for a casual twist, but the leather and cork combination is so stylish that they are the perfect accompaniment to an outfit which is a little smarter too. Best worn with a maxi or midi dress, some cute denim shorts and a shirt, chinos and a casual t-shirt or even leggings and a top too.

Birkenstock Gizeh Ashley Olsen    Birkenstock Gizeh Heidi Klum    Birkenstock Gizeh Trend

Buying your Birkenstocks with Cloggs

We have a variety of Birkenstock Gizeh styles available at CLOGGS. As well as the Gizeh, we also stock the Arizona, the Madrid and the Rio by Birkenstock, and have Birkenstock shoes for men, women and kids in a variety of popular Birks styles. Here are some of our favourites:

Birkenstock Gizeh:

Birkenstock Gizeh Black Patent Birkenstock Gizeh Black Birkenstock Gizeh White

Other Birkenstock Styles:

Birkenstock Arizona Dark Brown Birkenstock Red Patent Birkenstock Blue Lagoon Patent

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