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Birkenstock Arizona sandal - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


Arguably Birkenstock’s best known design - which is saying something, given the company is almost 250 years old - the Arizona combines several classic sandal design elements with the remarkable levels of comfort that the German manufacturer has been synonymous with for decades. A truly iconic piece of summer footwear, the Arizona represents that magical blend of a subtle, unobtrusive design that has become so iconic that, despite being highly versatile, is still chock full of personality.


Few footwear brands can boast a history like Birkenstock’s. Their family name first appeared associated with shoemaking on church records in 1774, and since then the company has fostered an unimpeachable reputation for ergonomic comfort and quintessentially European design sensibilities. A descendant of the founder Johann Adam Birkenstock, Konrad, pioneered the insole design which remains in Birkenstock’s wares today back in the early 1900s, and from then until the middle of the century, Birkenstock was primarily known for its insoles.

Johann’s great great grandson Carl recognised the burgeoning counterculture market in the 1960s, and landed on the idea of stitching the Birkenstock footbed directly into sandals, the movement’s footwear of choice. The Arizona was one of the original designs and has stuck around ever since, a testament to the style’s effortless cool charm.


Birkenstock Arizona anatomy
Birkenstock Arizona sole

1. EVA rubber outsole with innovative lug pattern for added grip.

Birkenstock Arizona cork footbed

2. Classic Birkenstock cork footbed. Not only is cork a fantastic shock-absorber, helping improve the comfort of the sandals, but it is pliable while still being sturdy, ensuring the contours of the foot correspond with the ergonomic design of the footbed.

Birkenstock Arizona buckle

3. Double slide straps for easy on/off with adjustable buckles on both to ensure the perfect, secure fit for every individual wearer.

Birkenstock Arizona leather

4. The straps are typically either made from leather or Birko-Flor®, a synthetic leather-feel material developed by Birkenstock specifically for use on their sandals.

Style guide

As we mentioned above, the Arizona has achieved what most other styles can only dream of. It’s a simple, unobtrusive design, making it highly versatile and capable of working with a huge number of different outfits and styles, but is so unmistakable that it still boasts loads of personality. An absolute must-have for summer, as the below looks testify to:

Birkenstock Arizona trend    Birkenstock Arizona trend    Birkenstock Arizona trend

Buying your Birkenstock Arizona sandals with Cloggs

As you’d expect with such a popular style, we’ve got a great selection of Birkenstock Arizona styles available, including some funky seasonal versions with added splashes of colour:

Birkenstock Arizona mocca Birkenstock Arizona asphalt metallic Birkenstock Arizona black

Birkenstock Arizona blue Birkenstock Arizona Birko dark brown Birkenstock Arizona black/pink patent

Images courtesy of CoolSpottters.

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