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CLOGGS' Ultimate Back to School Guide

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Back to School season is well and truly upon us now, and it’s pretty difficult to avoid the impending start of the school year. Schools start back in the next couple of weeks, and we thought it was time to bring you the Ultimate Back to School Guide, complete with hints and tips on what you need to remember, which school shoes are hot this season and which school bags will be both practical and stylish. This guide will be your one-stop-shop for all things Back to School, keeping you on trend and ready for Back to School - from the feet up!

Let’s get started!

School Shoes - where to begin?

Fit and Size

Kids' and Youth's Shoe Sizes
Infant/Children SizesYouth/Adult Sizes
UK Size00.511.5 22.533.54 567891011121312345
US Size11.522.5 33.554.55 678910111213123456
European Size1616.51717.51818.51920 21222324252728293132333435.53738
Foot Length - Millimeters83879195 99103107115123 130138147155163172180188197205213221230238

Without a doubt the most important part of buying school shoes is ensuring you have the correct fit and size. So many brands have different sizing methods - from UK to European sizes it can get pretty confusing when you’re browsing to try and figure out what’s what - especially with terminology ranging from youths, juniors and infants! Start by familiarising yourself with the CLOGGS size guide - if there’s any specific sizing tips for a product you’re interested, we’ll let you know in the description, so if there’s any which come up particularly big or small you’ll know before purchase thanks to our handy sizing tips!

Spending long hours on your feet and running around means school shoes need to be the right fit and provide comfort for those long days - so we really can’t stress how important it is to get your feet measured properly and ensure the shoes purchased are the perfect fit for comfort and durability too!


Next comes choosing a style. Do you prefer laces for the perfect fit - velcro for ease of wear? Slip ons for something quick and comfortable - a slight heel for posture and style? The options are literally endless, and here at CLOGGS we have a variety of school shoes to meet every style preference. When you’re purchasing your school shoes you need to mindful of seasonality - will the adorable t-bar brogues be suitable for summer and winter? Will your chunky boots be too warm in the summer? To ensure a worthy investment make sure you consider all elements - and keep your uniform and style in mind at all times!


Lastly comes the brand selection. When it comes to back to school season - there’s a few brands that stand out from the pack. We’re talking Geox, Dr Martens and of course - Kickers.

Geox - school shoes logo

Geox shoes are a fantastic investment for back to school season. All Geox models feature an outstanding outsole technology which is truly one of a kind. Their thick and durable rubber soles feature permeable membranes which means your feet stay cool and comfortable as any moisture seeps out, but no water what-so-ever makes its way in! This means all Geox school shoes are highly water resistant, but they’re also incredibly breathable and comfortable too - ideal for wear in any season.

Two of Geox’s stand out styles:

Geox - Agata Lace School Shoe - Junior - Black LeatherGeox - William - Youths - Black

Dr Martens - School Shoes Logo

Dr Martens are undeniably one of the giants of the footwear industry. Few brands have such heritage and history - whilst consistently producing products that are on trend and of exceptional quality, year after year. Many people might not know that Dr Martens’ range of school shoes is second to none - and in fact, it’s definitely one of our favourite back to school ranges at CLOGGS! As with all Dr Martens products, you know you’re getting an expertly-crafted and incredibly durable product, so you know your school shoes will last all year.

Two of Dr Martens' stand out styles:

Dr Martens - Tully Infant School Shoe - Black PatentDr Martens - Sammy Infant School Shoe - Black Strap

Kickers - School Shoes Logo

Arguably the kings of back to school season, Kickers and school shoes are completely synonymous. They’ve been dominating the school shoe scene for many years now, and still remain one of CLOGGS’ most popular back to school brands. With Kickers you know you’re always getting a fashionable and durable product - after all, there’s good reason the brand has such an unprecedented reputation. Kickers have a school shoe to suit every style preference, age range and more!

Two of Kickers' stand out styles:

Kickers - Kick T Brogue School Shoe - Juniors - BlackKickers - Kick Lo Junior - Black

Of course, these are all styles which are relatively typical of a school shoe. If you’re heading back to college or university - there are plenty more options which still fit the school shoe category, but allow you a little more flexibility and versatility too. Here are some of our favourite alternative school shoes for a more lenient uniform.

CLOGGS School Bags Image

Without a doubt, the second most important part of heading back to school is getting to choose your school bag. When you’re relatively restricted with school uniform, and your school shoes need to be black and practical, your school bag is an opportunity to show a bit of personality - choosing a gorgeous bag which will help you stand out from the crowd.


As well as being impeccably stylish - first and foremost, your school bag needs to be practical. When you’re carrying around heavy books for hours on end you’ll quickly learn whether or not your school bag is right for you! Be realistic about how much you need to hold - how many pockets your bag needs and whether you’ll need the support of one strap or two. These are all important factors to consider before you purchase your dream school bag!


When it comes to school bags, the style options are almost unlimited - and there are so many options available at CLOGGS to meet your needs!

Arguably the most typical back to school bag, a backpack usually has two thick straps for support, a front pocket and a large zip pocket to keep all of your belongings in. Many will contain secret little pockets inside for your most important possessions, and the ease of wear over both shoulders is preferable for many students. Backpacks are increasingly on trend too - so you can get away with them outside of school for a cool and practical fashion statement!

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are cool, fashionable and incredibly versatile too. With one strap which sits over the shoulder and a large zipped pocket, there’s plenty of room for all your school books and stationery - but it can be difficult to carry around large amounts of school goods on just one shoulder! Messenger bags are often sported outside of school too - so you’ll get a bag for the weekend as well by investing in one of these!


Not only are satchels incredibly practical with lots of pockets for your different bits and bobs - but they’re also incredibly on trend lately too! Available in a variety of colours and patterns, satchels are undeniably stylish and the square-style shape is perfect for carrying books and files around!


Once you’ve decided which style you think will suit your back to school needs - then comes the fun part! Choosing a bag which suits your style perfectly. Will you opt for a crazy pattern, a bold colour or a cool texture? Leather or fabric? The options are almost endless! Here’s some of the best brands when it comes to school bags, offering a little something for everyone.

Converse School Shoes

As well as making some of the most stylish shoes on the planet, Converse have their bag game nailed too. Their range of cool school bags come in a variety of colours and styles, just perfect for the back to school season. Whether you want a backpack or duffel bag, Converse is your one-stop-shop for plain, bold styles. Like these two:

Converse - Back To It Mini Backpack - Pink SapphireConverse - Flap Reporter - Black

Mi-Pac school bags

Mi-Pac are the latest up and coming brand to nail the school bag trend. Specialising in fun, printed backpacks that play around with a variety of textures and patterns - it’s no surprise their individual and unique styles are becoming increasingly popular! Here’s two of their stand out styles:

Mi-Pac - Mini All Stars - Deep PurpleMi-Pac - Classic - Navy

Superdry school bags

Superdry is a cool brand with an famous style; their logo is easily recognisable and they have a cool and casual feel as a brand. Their range of bags is perfect for school - with plenty of different styles available. They offer a variety of looks - from bold and printed to subtle colour blocking, and they have a range of styles for both boys and girls. Here’s two of their best:

Superdry - True Montana - Navy/JaffaSuperdry - Mash Up Mini Alumni - Coral Glitter

CLOGGS' Back to School Checklist

So we’ve covered the two essentials - school shoes and school bags, but of course there are plenty of other things you need to consider when it comes to heading back to school. Here’s our checklist of all the essentials - do you have everything you need?

Back to School Checklist

  • School Uniform
  • Jumpers
  • School Shoes
  • School Bag
  • Stationery
  • Pencil Case
    Pens and Pencils
    Pencil Sharpener and Eraser
    Maths Equipment
  • Gym Kit
  • T-Shirts
  • Trainers
  • Lunch Box
  • School Coat
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Headphones

Have you got all your back to school essentials ready for the first day back?

CLOGGS' Back to School Infographic

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