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Barker Shoes Style Guide

Barker Shoes Style Guide Header

Barker Shoes are one of our favourite formal footwear brands. Indeed, it’s incredibly difficult to argue with their impeccable craftsmanship and truly unique designs. We’re delighted that they’re a part of Cloggs, and having previously brought you a ‘Brand Spotlight’ post which you can see if you click here, we thought it was about time we highlighted some of our favourite Barker styles in a little more detail.

You can view the full Barker Shoes range available at Cloggs here, but these are some of our most loved styles.

Barker McClean

The ‘McClean’ is arguably Barker’s most beloved style. A classic brogue with an Oxford closed lacing structure, the McClean is the very definition of formal footwear. Despite containing all of the classic properties of a formal brogue, Barker’s McClean comes in several contemporary styles, marrying traditional and modern to create a truly beautiful shoe.

Barker McClean Cedar

Barker Woody

The ‘Woody’ is a simply stunning Derby brogue, and though slightly less formal than the ‘McClean’ - it’s still an undeniably beautiful brogue. With a gorgeous longwing toe cap and stunning punched detail, the Woody is an eye-catching shoe designed to perfectly finish your outfit in style.

Barker Woody Navy/Blue Calf

Barker Morgan

The Barker ‘Morgan is a stunning tassel loafer with gorgeous fringed detail. In a typical moccasin style, the Morgan slips on providing an easy and comfortable wear - all whilst appearing immensely stylish of course. The beautiful punched details and subtle leather work make the ‘Morgan’ a work of art - fitting perfectly into Barker’s range.

Barker Morgan Cedar/Rosewood

Barker Alexandra

The Barker ‘Alexandra’ is one of our favourite offerings from Barker’s ladies range. A truly gorgeous chelsea boot in a beautiful suede finish, with subtle leather strap details for a unique finish. The subtle heel adds comfort and style, and the elasticated gussets provide ultimate comfort and ease of wear.

Barker Alexandra Chocolate Suede/Cedar

Barker Sloane

Famous for their range of stunning brogues, it’s no surprise that Barker’s ‘Sloane’, the brogue from their ladies collection, is one of the most beautiful shoes we’ve ever laid eyes on. With bold, punched details and a formal Oxford lacing system, these brogues will add a touch of class and sophistication to whatever outfit you choose to wear them with.

Barker Sloane Cedar

Barker Shoes Style Guide Header

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