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Barker McClean brogue - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


Few names are as synonymous with the art of shoemaking than Barker. With over 100 years of experience in the fine art of creating timeless sartorial masterpieces, Barker shoes have earned a reputation for being long-term investments rather than just another pair of shoes. The McClean is one of their most highly esteemed styles, comprising of an effortless balance of elements that promote versatility in a range of different formalities.

The Baker McClean is the culmination of over a century of expertise being realised in a single style, and deserves pride of place in any fashion-forward man’s wardrobe.


Founded in 1880, Barker was the eponymous creation of Arthur, a skilled craftsman who painstakingly created shoes by hand. He formed the company in the hope of expanding his operation by employing other shoemakers and creating a consistent range of high quality styles.

With other shoemakers, as well as his sons on board, Barker quickly established themselves, and expanded both their production capabilities and geographical reach. However, the brand found that no matter where they were selling their shoes, the same classic brogue and loafer styles were met with consistent demand. Ever since, Barker have stuck resolutely to their model of producing classic silhouettes embellished with slight nods to the modern.

The McClean is a culmination of this trend, taking a classic Oxford brogue style and enhancing it with modern touches including coloured suede panels and elaborate broguing, as well as the highest quality construction methods available.


Barker McClean anatomy
Barker McClean toe

1. Rounded chisel toe for an elegant, versatile look that fits the foot perfectly. The toe cap is a smart-casual style wingtip.

Barker McClean toe cap

2. Medallion toe broguing adds a characterful touch without reducing their ability to be paired with formal wear.

Barker McClean sole

3. 7mm premium leather sole detracts nothing from the overall look of the shoe, and has been Goodyear welted to the upper, adding to the durability and water-tightness of the McClean. The Goodyear welt also enables a cobbler to resole the McClean with relative ease in years to come.

Barker McClean eyelets

4. Blind eyelets and traditional thin laces keep the look of the McClean appropriate for formal wear.

Barker McClean Oxford

5. Eye stays formed by the vamp overlapping the quarters, forming a closed lace opening and making the McClean an Oxford brogue rather than a Derby or anything other variation.

Barker McClean leather

6. Upper constructed using beautiful full grain calf leather, with insert panels also available in coloured suede and ornate broguing for a modern twist on a classic formula (see below section).

Style guide

The Barker McClean has been deliberately designed to work with as wider range of outfits and social occasions as possible. The Oxford style is traditionally formal, but the wingtip toe cap, colour range and additional flourishes - such as the elaborate broguing - all serve to dress it down and means it looks just at home with smart-casual chinos and untucked shirt as it does with a charcoal suit and matching tan belt.

Buying your Barker McClean from Cloggs

The Barker McClean is one of our best selling men’s formal shoes, and we currently stock it in four exciting variations that cover a range of personal styles and formalities.

Barker McClean Cedar Barker McClean Rosewood Barker McClean Blue suede

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