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Barbour Setter welly - Cloggs Hall of Fame

Cloggs Hall of Fame


An iconic piece of country chic that has been at the forefront of the festival wellies trend that has emerged in recent times, the Barbour Setter combines comfort and practicality with an innovative, stylish design which sets it apart from the majority of plain wellies.


Barbour set themselves apart from the competition at the outset, having been established in the late-Victorian period. Founder John Barbour was disenchanted with the manner in which the countryside of the United Kingdom was being overtaken by the urban, and set about creating a company and a range of clothes that celebrated rural life.

The company’s first big success was the Barbour jacket, which established them as the first to truly marry countryside practicality with style. One of the variants on the jacket, which featured a diamond shaped quilted pattern, became equally synonymous with the brand.

Following the success of the jacket, the company branched out into other areas, including footwear. Their welly range was quickly hugely successful, and continues to be a cornerstone of their business (you can browse our range of Barbour wellies by clicking here). The range launched with what is now known as the Classic, with styles including the Setter riffing off that winning formula.


Barbour Setter anatomy
Barbour Setter sole

1. The tough rubber vamp and quarters offer superb durability, while the rubber outsole boasts a deep lug pattern which faces in multiple directions in order to offer maximum grip on slippery terrain.

Barbour Setter toe cap

2. Raised toe cap detailing for added elegance.

Barbour Setter shaft

3. Softer rubber used to created a quilting effect on the boot shaft, paying homage to the brand’s famous jacket design as well as lending a classic boot feel to these wellies.

Barbour Setter adjustable strap

4. Adjustable strap and buckle to achieve the perfect fit while also making the boots easy to put on and take off.

Barbour Setter logo

5. The famous Barbour logo is located proudly front and center, as a mark of both the authenticity of the boots and their fantastic quality.

Style guide

Because of its unique combination of rubber types, the quilted effect which has been applied to the shaft and the slightly raised toe cap, the Barbour Setter is almost as much a boot as it is a welly. With that in mind, it can be combined with a huge selection of outfits, and is far more versatile than your typical welly! The fact they’re made of rubber means the Setter is the perfect choice for when the weather’s looking a little uncertain in Spring or Autumn but you’re not quite set up to go for the fully fledged welly look.

However, if you are after that quintessential festival look (read more of our festival style tips by clicking here), wellies and all, then don’t worry - the Setter’s thick vamp and quarters still play host to that classic wellington boot look!

Barbour Setter trend    Barbour Setter trend    Barbour Setter trend

Buying Barbour Setter wellies from Cloggs

We stock two colour options for the Barbour Setter, black and navy:.

Barbour Setter black Barbour Setter navy

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