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Cloggs National Awards & Nominations

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From humble beginnings, Cloggs were founded on the belief that having the right pair of shoes is the foundation for everything. With almost 40 years experience in the footwear industry, Cloggs has grown to be one of the biggest independent footwear retailers in the UK - with a thriving, interactive customer base that continues to multiply year upon year.

Because of this, Cloggs works tirelessly to ensure the service to each of our valued customers is professional, high-quality and seamless in every way. Using our customer service methods as a centre point for the business, we utilise telephone, e-mail, social media, live chats on our website and a “Cloggs Concierge” system whereby every customer receives a courtesy call after receipt of their order to check that they’re satisfied, as an opportunity to engage with our customers at every stage of the buying process.

To heighten the experience we provide for our customers, we are continuously searching for new brands to add to our repertoire and adding technological developments both to our website and in our stores, with the end goal of a smooth transition between on and offline browsing when shopping with Cloggs. Our responsive website design is testament to this notion, as are our hi-tech in-store kiosks, which allow you to digitally browse our catalogue as you physically browse our in-store collection, ordering shoes either to the store or to your home for the next day if the store doesn’t stock your desired colour, size or style.

Cloggs Drapers Awards 2010, 2011, 2012

We work hard to keep our consumers happy and to keep our store ahead of the game in the footwear stakes, so we’re delighted when our hard work is recognised and commended. We’ve been fortunate to have been nominated for several prestigious awards over the past few years, and even more fortunate to have won a few! Here’s a list of our professional achievements:

Drapers Digital Awards

  1. Nominated: Best Use of Content 2016 (Pending)
  2. Nominated: Best Customer Experience 2016 (Pending)
  3. Nominated: Best Multichannel Retailer - Under £25m Turnover 2016 (Pending)
  4. Winner: Best Multichannel Retailer - Under £10m Turnover 2015

eCommerce Awards

  1. Nominated: Best Clothes, Shoes & Fashion eCommerce 2015
  2. Nominated: Multiplay eCommerce Company of the Year 2015
  3. Nominated: Best eCommerce Design (1 year or older) 2015
  4. Nominated: Best eCommerce Customer Service Award 2015
  5. Nominated: Medium eCommerce Company of the Year 2015
  6. Nominated: eCommerce Innovation Award 2012

Paypal Etail Awards

  1. Nominated: Best use of Mobile 2014
  2. Nominated: Best use of Innovation 2014

Drapers Footwear Awards

  1. Nominated: Footwear Pure-play Retailer of the Year 2016 (Pending)
  2. Nominated: Footwear Pure-play/Multichannel Retailer of the Year 2015
  3. Winner: Specialist Etailer of the Year 2012
  4. Winner: Specialist Etailer of the Year 2011
  5. Winner: Best New Store 2010
  6. Highly Commended Nominee: 2009

Drapers Etail Awards

  1. Nominated: Best Specialist Etailer 2011

National Business Awards

  1. Nominated: Finalist in Online Business of the Year 2011