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What are animals’ favourite type of shoes?

Cat in a desert boot

Here at Cloggs HQ, we do our best to answer any question you may have about shoes. Want to know how someone falling over inadvertently created Converse? We’ve got you covered. Need to buy a pair of shoes that match your suit? Not a problem.

However, there’s been one question that is so contentious, so hard-hitting, that we’ve done everything we can to avoid answering it. But now, in 2015, we can hide no longer. It’s time to answer the ultimate question:

What are animals’ favourite type of shoes?

We’ve scoured the internet, spent countless hours researching in libraries, and have discussed the matter with every world authority on the topic, and have come up with a definitive list.


A pretty obvious one to start us off, slippers are a popular choice among all animals due to their inherent cosiness and warmth.

Digging a little deeper, it appears that the moccasin style slipper is the discerning domestic pet’s choice, as the roomier toe box allows for more tail room.

Cat in a slipper

Sperry Top-Siders

The original boat shoe is said to have been created with a lug pattern based on a dog’s paw, after Paul Sperry witnessed the ease with which his dog Price traversed the icy ground.

Times have changed, and just as the gender lines have blurred between men and women’s fashion, so it has between cat and dog, as evidenced by this smooth operator.

Cat in boat shoes


A pop-culture staple, Timberlands imbue even the fluffiest wearer with a sense of toughness.

Dog in Timberlands

Hiking shoes

They say dogs gradually come to look like their owners, and there’s no reason that can’t extent to their footwear.

Dog in hiking shoes

Clarks Desert Boot

A ubiquitous staple since they first came to prominence in the 1950s, Clarks Desert Boots are ideal for any felines looking to build a basic wardrobe.

Cat in desert boot


Although pigs in certain parts of the world have been known to swim, British pigs are decidedly indifferent when it comes to soggy trotters. It’s also important to note that, while function is paramount, pigs are famed for favouring on-trend, brightly coloured footwear.

Pig in wellies

UGG boots

Like slippers, UGG Australia’s fantastic, twin-faced sheepskin boots are an obvious choice for any pet looking to stay warm and snug. Generally favouring the Classic boots or variations on the style, such as the Carter boot, UGGs are perfect for both cats and dogs.

Dog in UGG bootCat in UGG boot


After all our research, there was only one winner when it came to the overall most popular brand. Converse have been around for over 100 years now, and we think it's this longevity - combined with their continued popularity with humans - that has made them the fashion-conscious animal’s choice.

Rabbit in Converse   Dog in Converse

Dog in Converse   Hedgehog in Converse

Images courtesy of Imgur, Buzzfeed, HDScreen, Smile per Day and HD Wallpapers. All Imgur images are the property of their uploaders.

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