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K-Swiss Trainers

Browse our selection of K-Swiss Trainers, including the iconic Classic, all of which are available with fast, free delivery and free returns.

At Cloggs, we’re all about bringing you brands that we know will deliver comfort, durability and style with every single pair. K-Swiss trainers are no exception.

Offering simple, timeless designs, K-Swiss trainers are the perfect accompaniment to any summer outfit thanks to their versatility and ability to seamlessly blend with a range of formalities. Their minimalist, frequently monochrome designs have graced the feet of fashion-forward people for decades, and are guaranteed to do so for years to come, thanks to one indisputable fact; they’re simply timeless.

The company began, as the name suggests, with two Swiss sports-mad brothers imported luxurious leather sports trainers into the United States. The use of leather in the 1960s was almost exclusively restricted to formal shoes, so to find it on styles intended for recreational pursuits was unusual and set K-Swiss apart from the rest of the pack.

The brand had found a winning formula virtually straight from the off, and have largely stuck to it since. This aloofness when it comes to fashion fads and the brand’s refusal to chase the latest trend with gimmicky designs has meant that K-Swiss trainers have developed a reputation for the stylistic dexterity as well as their staying power. It also means that they simply have to produce classic designs time after time, and we’re sure you’ll agree when you look through our range that they have done just that.

The combination of the brand’s sporting heritage and their exclusive, narrow selection of styles means they offer stylish trainers that will last long into the future. Our range of men’s K-Swiss trainers has been carefully chosen in order to ensure a range of classic lines are available to suit every style, so no matter what, we’ll have the perfect K-Swiss shoes for you!

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