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Shop our Fabulous range of JuJu Jelly Shoes, perfect for Spring/Summer. All JuJu Jelly Shoes come with Free, Fast Delivery and Free Returns!

JuJu Jellies

Retro style is hugely popular at the moment, and one of our favourite trends that falls under the retro umbrella is the resurgence of jelly shoes! Popular for children’s sandals, jelly shoes are great - they’re soft, durable without being uncomfortable, and they can be wiped clean easily!

With such a list of fantastic attributes, it’s a bit of a mystery why they ever fell out of favour in the first place! Thankfully, they’re back now, with Northampton-based JuJu leading the charge and demonstrating just how functional, fun, versatile and stylish the jelly shoe can be!

However, for such an adventurous style of shoes, JuJu take what they do seriously. They’ve been making their famous jelly shoe styles since 1986, and their production method of injection moulding their “Jellies” ensures that they’re perfectly form fitting and also extremely resistant to wear. They offer a fantastic range of colours designed to bring out the best of any outfit and colour combination. We’ve hand picked several of their most popular styles and colours for both women and kids, in a variety of colourways and finishes, so there’s a JuJu to suit every style.

All of our JuJu jelly sandals come with Free, Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns, so you can have complete peace of mind when ordering from Cloggs.

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