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Joules Wellies

Shop our Joules Wellies, available for both women and kids and in an incredible choice of colours and patterns with Free, Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns.


As you’d expect (and demand) from any self-respecting wellington boot manufacturer, Joules Wellies started off in the countryside. Tom Joule followed the example set by his father, selling country products at equestrian and outdoor events, beginning in 1989. The company slowly grew, and was given the royal seal of approval in 1994, when Tom’s sister sold a hat to Queen Elizabeth II.

Once he realised that his products were not reflecting his customers’ colourful and bold personalities, Tom decided to stop following trends and start setting them by putting his own design and print patterns onto his wellies. Rather than following the formula of practical equaling safe and boring, Tom chose to take a chance by selling 100 pairs of bright pink wellies. They sold out almost instantly, and Joules Wellies were born.

As with so many well known brands, their recent explosion in popularity owes a lot to design and hard-work and a little to luck. The foot and mouth outbreak in the UK in 2003 led to many outdoor shows being cancelled. Faced with a potentially fatal drop in demand, Tom approached some high street retailers to help bridge the gap, and the rest is history.

Tom’s passion for print and design remains core to the business, and has created different countless memorable designs, including polka dots, stripes and bright wellies. Cloggs stock a range of women’s and children’s Joules Wellies which are both stylish and practical.

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