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Geox shoes

Geox are an up-and-coming name in the footwear world, and, like so many modern brands, their brand and all their shoes are based around a central technological concept. The name Geox is formed from two parts, the word ‘geo’, Greek for earth, and the letter ‘x’ to symbolise the technology.

The Italian brand was started by Mario Moretti Polegato. Polegato was originally involved in the family wine business, until he was struck by an entrepreneurial lightning bolt while at a wine convention in Nevada. Out for a morning jog in the desert heat, the Italian figured a quick, simple way to help stop his feet overheating in his running shoes was by hacking a hole in the sole with a penknife.

Like so many great innovations, such as Dr Martens’ AirWair soles, it was an idea so simple that once established, it was amazing that nobody had thought of it before. Polegato refined the idea, replacing his rudimentary, penknife fashioned hole with a state of the art breathable membrane that allowed moisture and heat out of the shoe without letting water or dirt in. Armed with this secret, they very quickly became to be a contender in the Italian and international footwear market in the 1990s.

Geox haven’t rested on their laurels, and have gone even further with some of their shoes, introducing ranges of shoes that are both vapor and waterproof. Crucially, however, these space-age innovations haven’t come at the cost of durability or style.

Their shoes provide comfort and a family brand range of shoes, keeping their Italian heritage close to heart. stock the men’s, women’s and children’s range of Geox shoes, boots and other styles and all products are part of our Free Returns guarantee.

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