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Gabor Shoes

Shop Cloggs' range of Gabor shoes and boots, featuring several best selling styles in a range of colours and materials, all available with free delivery and free returns.

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Gabor began life over half a century ago in 1949, when two brothers, Bernhard and Joachim, traded a Singer sewing machine for their father's pocket watch. The business took off quickly, after the company became the first in Germany to produce shoes with a machine that allowed for pre-finished soles, which could then be attached to the upper quickly and in a durable manner. It ensured a sturdiness that made Gabor's shoes instantly popular. Gabor encountered such a high demand that, by their tenth year, they were forced to introduce a quota system to give everyone their fair chance of owning a pair.

Over the next years and decades, Gabor gradually increased their international market share, thanks to their dedication to quality, their continuously innovative styles, and their unrivaled production techniques. In fact, one of their original factories, which existed for 43 years, managed to churn out almost 30 million pairs - all to the firm's exacting standards of quality. In the '90s, the firm expanded to include informal styles as well as men's lines

Gabor's dedication to simplistic, timeless designs is evident throughout the range that Cloggs stocks, with everything from ballerinas to tall boots, frequently made from leather, offering an option that you won't need to worry about going out of style in a season or two.

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