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Flossys are some of the most popular pieces of casual footwear around right now. Boasting a set of similar plimsoll style designs, Flossy are heavily influenced by their Spanish roots, a part of the brand which influences both the aesthetics and the functionality of the footwear. Their wares frequently boast summery patterns inspired by the country’s famously bold artistic flair, and the lightweight canvas uppers and relaxed elasticated gusset fixings reflecting the ethos of the Iberian peninsula, as well as the need for light, breathable clothing.

Worn by everyone from sailing enthusiasts in Barcelona and clubbers in Ibiza for over 30 years, Flossy shoes come in a vibrant range of colours from Electric Blue to Fire Red. Better yet, they’re all handmade in the Rioja region of Spain, so you can be certain that you’re buying a quality product.The brand has spread across Europe with Flossy becoming very popular with teenagers and young adults as a summer shoe. Specialising in lightweight yet durable shoes, we’re confident that Flossy will remain popular for many summers to come!

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